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Jul 17, 2003 12:27 PM

best bbq in brooklyn?

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what are people's favorites? is there any carolina-style bbq?

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  1. Unfortunately, there isn't any in Brooklyn.

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    1. re: DeeDee

      Biscuit 367 Flatbush Ave

      1. re: billyblancoNYC

        Oh,no, Billy!!! Don't tell me you're a biscuit fan! Seriously, I don't think good BBQ - carolinian or any other style- exists in Brooklyn. If you want it, ya' gotta' make it yourself!

        1. re: Faren

          Well, he didn't say it was good. He said the best in Bklyn - which may still be sucky.

          1. re: Katerina

            Never been. I just heard it's Carolina BBQ.

            1. re: billyblancoNYC
              Joyce Goldstein

              Some people I know, who are fairly reliable foodwise have told me that Biscuit is pretty good. I have yet to try it.

            2. re: Katerina

              I think the origional post said "favorite". Maybe Biscut could fit that criteria (because B.B.Q. are so few and far between) - but I can't imagine anyone describing that restaurant as good.

        2. re: DeeDee

          Jake's on Columbia

          1. re: Ham Renaut

            Jakes has been discussed many times on Chowhound (do a search) and opinion runs about 70%-30% that it sucks. I fall into that 70% group - its conveniently close to me and I certainly like BBQ. I went in there on a Friday night in Feb after having beers at Alma - the perfect preparation for BBQ. I was pretty hungry but I wound up leaving most of my food on the plate. It was flat out bad. Dry, flavorless, and lukewarm. The temperature trick was pretty amazing since we were sitting about 10 feet from the kitchen.

            I'm glad you like it - I wish I could say the same.

            1. re: Ham Renaut

              Jakes is a Chinese takeout/delivery operation.

              How or why they got into the BBQ business as an option to their Chinese fare is a bit of a mystery. Maybe too many Chinese places already doing sushi, so they went for Q. No slow cooker in sight. The food is not the real thing, not even an imitation. Rather an Oriental take on what BBQ might be, done in a Chinese manner and not a good one at that.

              1. re: Odyssey

                Jake's also takes forever to send delivery...

          2. I really like the ribs at the Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic. The beers are great too.

            1. I'd suggest the best bbq in our fair borough is not Carolinian but Caribean.

              You'd be hard pressed to find jerk chicken or pork anywhere along Nostrand, Utica, or Church Aves which compete with Jake's "bbq" for lameness. (On Atlantic, Stir The Pot's jerk chicken just about equals it, sadly; but her curry goat, oxtails, and roti are all at least pretty good and fish cakes were excellent.)

              I've never had authentic Carolina BBQ or a plausible fascimile, but for something at least in the extended family I like Pooor Freddy's (sic) a bit past the Van Wyck in Queeens.


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              1. re: bosshogg

                No real Southern BBQ to speak of....Go to Jackson Heights to Pearson's for good mesquite

              2. The ribs at Pete's on Atlantic ARE good. However, skip Bklyn and head to Blue Smoke for good BBQ, at least to me it is, I'm not from a BBQ State. It was yummy - I had the rib sampler, but I'll not post in more detail as I'm sure it is discussed over on the Manhattan board.

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                1. re: Mondaybox

                  I don't know why people always like Blue Smoke....Personally I think that their meats were pretty dry

                  1. re: Kev

                    I wasn't thrilled either. Thought I was the only one.

                2. I've been looking in bklyn for good bbq for 20 years w/no luck. Either hit Pearsons in Queens or Virgil's in Time Square or I'm afraid you'll have to make it yourself. Good luck!