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Ciao Bella Gelato Flavor- Where Can I Find It?

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I was out in Port Jefferson and had dinner at a great Italian place called Pasta Pasta. Anyway, my dessert came with a scoop of white chocolate raspberry ciao bella gelato...which was the most amazing gelato i have ever had. So far, I have been unable to find it in stores (Park Slope Coop) or the cafes (checked out sullivan street). I'd love a pint, but a cafe would be fine. Help!

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  1. I don't know in the outer boroughs but I can tell you for sure that you can find Ciao Bella gelato at Whole Foods in Manhattan.

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      I saw an ice cream place opening up on Flatbush (around Prospect Place) that said it will feature Ciao Bella ice creams. Have no idea when this will open though.

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        it has opened, D Sweet B's Cafe. Not sure that they have this flavor, but I tried the Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet....all I can say is heavenly!!

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          The cab is great, so is Blood Orange Sorbet.

          Tuller Fine Foods on Court St. in Cobble Hill has only Ciao Bello sorbet, but they have Il Laboratorio gelato - nice selection of each.

    2. Also not outer borough, but do you know they have a store (two actually, I find having done a little search) in Manhattan?

      Ciao Bella, (212) 505-7100, 227 Sullivan St
      Ciao Bella, (646) 230-0558, 35 Carmine St

      And that's not even the one I was thinking of, which I'm pretty sure is on Mott St. just below houston.

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        been to the one on sullivan...no white chocolate raspberry though. also been to a number of grocery stores with the ciao bella ice cream- no luck.

      2. Tulliver on Court St.

        1. Rice at 81 Washington Street, Brooklyn (DUMBO) sells ciao bella gelato in the restaurant and to go.

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            Megan the Librarian

            Also not in the outer boroughs, but Dean & Deluca sells Ciao Bella ice cream products. :)

            1. Eagle Provisions on Fifth carries quite a range of Ciao Bella, but I didnt notice whether they have the particular flavor you crave.

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                Caitlin McGrath

                Ciao Bella does a lot of custom production for restaurants, so the flavor you had might not even be avialable retail. I doubt very much it's available in the mass, packaged version that stores sell, as that roster doesn't change much. I'd call the restaurant where you had it and ask if it's specially made for them by CB. Either way, your best bet is probably one of the CB shops in Manhattan, which sell flavors you can't find in market freezers, and also sell overruns on custom-oredered flavors sometimes. Call and ask.