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Jun 30, 2003 09:29 AM

Russo's Park Slope

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Does Russo's on Seventh Ave. sell prepared food in addition to pasta, cheese, etc, and, if so, what have people tried and liked -- or not liked?

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  1. Yep.
    They always have a selection of prepared foods- some good, some just okay. As other postings on Chowhound have noted, their sauteed artichokes, in olive oil with garlic are addictive. Also good are the balsamic mushrooms, a little of these goes a long way. I also like some of their cold pasta salads. A good place in a pinch when you don't feel like cooking.

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      Perfect. Thanks, Ann, I don't feel like cooking.

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        Where/what is Russo's? It would be great if people could give locations when posting. Thanks for the info.

        1. re: Jen

          Russo's is on Seventh Ave. between 10th and 11th Streets in Park Slope. It's an Italian food store that may or may not be related to Russo's on E. 11th St. in Manhattan. Does anybody know whether it is or not? I'm going to check it out tomorrow so I will post more about what they have.

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            Back a few years when Russo's first opened in the Slope it was indeed related to Russo's in the East Village. I assume it still is.

            1. re: Ann

              stop in for last evenings dinner. the calamari salad was so fresh, the little buggers were practically still alive! a hunk of morbier under $5 was a steal. the mixture of lobster ravioli and crab ravioli was delish. and a chocolate dipped cannoli finished off the evening.

    2. The meatloaf is great and the portion is large enough for two people.