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Jun 16, 2003 01:50 PM

Ukrainian dessert?

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Recently I had the wonderful Ukrainian dessert "chroosteh" (sp), fried sugared dough in the shape of pigs' ears. Does anyone know if this specialty might be found somewhere in Brighton Beach?

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  1. Not sure about that but there called chroosteh

    1. Are they similar to Lithuanian Chruscik? (Sounds similar.) Those are available lots of places in the NYC area -- most Polish stores will carry them and even some local places do -- they have pretty good distribution. (Key Food on Atlantic in Brooklyn Heights has had them in the past.)


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        Sounds like it is Chrusciki,commercially made by White Eagle Bakery in Greenpoint. Sold to Polish groceries and Polish restaurants. It tastes great, usually with powdered sugar.
        Chrusciki is how you say cookie in Polish ( pronounced Krooshki)