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Jun 11, 2003 03:58 PM

Favorite Bensonhurst Italian - restaurant and dessert cafe?

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I am planning a trip to Bensonhurst next week and wondered where I might be able to find the tastiest Italian and a cafe afterwards for cappuccino and dessert. Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. I like Mona Lisa on 86th St. and Angelo's on 86th St. and 25th Ave. for Italian dessert. For dinner, I like Bella Luna (I don't remember the address).

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    1. re: irleshay

      Gino's is dirty and Joe's is a better choice as it's spotless. Great espresso too. Joe's also has panelle sandwiches. Spleen is considered Offal and I wouldn't touch it.

      1. re: Remag1234

        What's wrong with offal and the cleanliness at Gino's? It's not like you're going to get sick from either.

      2. re: irleshay

        I've been meaning to visit Angelo's for some time. I stopped by today, only to discover closed by the department of health notices that had been posted in the windows earlier in the day.

        1. re: racer x

          I'm surprised.... And not in the good way. Hopefully it's something relatively minor. Angelo's looks immaculate. They have killer lobster tails, cheesecake, cream puffs, etc. All their baked goods have always been fresh and delicious.


      3. Not in really 100% in Bensonhurst, but Joe's of Avenue U serves up very good Sicilian food. If you're picky about it being in Bensonhurst, then go to Gino's Foccaceria on 18th Ave for panelle sandwiches or cow spleen sandwiches. Order either one as a special so it comes out the size of your head. Gino's is basically a lunch and snack place. I'd avoid most of their other stuff, though some things (ei. seafood salad) can be really good if you get them early. You can go to Leoni's Latticini for awesome sandwiches, but there's nowhere to sit. Bensonhurst is actually a remarkably bad area for Italian restaurants and pizza, btw. For some reason the fringes of Bensonhurst are where it's at (ei. heading towards Ave U.) BTW, Meze' is Greek but it's very good and you might consider it.

        If you need a sit down pastry and coffee place, then go to Mona Lisa, but if you just want everything to be amazing then go to Villabate on 18th Ave.

        1. try Tommaso's on 86th st and 15th ave for great food and wine, Mona Lisa is on the same block. For great sicilian try Bella on the corner of 71st and 18th Ave, tons of italian families and great pasta con sarde, sicilian eggplant, they have live italian bands all night long on the weekends and is also just a block away from either Villabate or Cristoforo Columbo pasticceria's. Caffe Italia is across the street for an amazing espresso. For another great meal I'd also give Il Colosseo a shot, very good brick oven pizza's (not as good as Europa's at 65th and 20th who by the way also have their own pasticceria next door) and great fresh fish at 77th and 18th, their are caffes up the block or around the corner for dessert, Caffe Sorrento or Caffe Aurora. Buon Appetito e Mangia Bene!

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            Anyone been to Ortobello's in the last couple of years? Bay Parkway and 65th St. Still there? Worth going?

            1. re: Steve R

              A neighbor of mine went a few months ago and said it was terrific.

            2. re: joeyBK

              I second Tommaso's . I haven't been there in a while, but they were always very good.

            3. La Sorrentina Restaurant on 11th ave is a fave of my italian american family. L&B's restaurant is also a good choice with a bit more variety of dishes since changing hands a few years ago.

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                I'd agree with La Sorrentino but I'd have to respectfully disagree with L&B's.
                Their sauce is terrible and even their pizza is covered in what is essentially tomato paste.and low grade, rubbery cheese. As with Randazzo's how they are still in business is a mystery

                1. re: Tay

                  Well their square slices have a strange appeal after midnight... or during summers... or when accompanied by over 3 people from high school...

                  1. re: JFores

                    lol! Only if you're stoned, starving or looking to hang onto your high school sense of (bad) taste. :-}