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Dinner on 5th Avenue in Park Slope - Nana, Moutarde, where?

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Trying to decide on where to go out to dinner on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. I have not yet tried Nana or Moutarde. Looking for bright fresh flavors, good cocktails or wines by the glass. Open to other suggestions as well. (Not interested in Italian.)

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  1. You could try Moutarde just so you can post an update on this board for all the Fifth Avenue mavens. Early reports were mixed but the food can be good. It has a lovely atmosphere and a pretty bar, and I believe, some new menu selections that I've yet to try. Another choice is Cocotte, on the corner of 3rd of 4th on Fifth. Also French, similarly priced, friendly service.

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      I will second the Cocotte recomdation. I have no idea why it isn't praised on this board more....fantastic food, reasonably priced, good wine list & full bar (there is a bar attached), great French atmosphere & decor. They seem to make a real effort to incorporate fresh seasonal produce in their daily specials, and they have some of the most savory soups & delicious salad starters as well.

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        I also really like Cocotte. And I had a similar experience at Moutarde as was mentioned above.It's really nice-looking inside and has a very friendly proficient staff, but the food was a little weird. Well-executed, but weird intentions. If I went again I would stick with bistro classics-- oysters, steak frites, etc.

        I like Convivium but find it a little overpriced.

        al di la is always really good-- and everyone I have brought there has loved it (It's great for Manhattan people). But I have had a couple less than thrilled experiences with entrees. Dark dark oversalty duck and rabbit. But the salads, apps, and pastas are consistently superb.

        I also like Rose Water, which is up a block from Fifth Avenue, and has a new patio that looks really nice. They have a really interesting wine list, and great farmers' market specials. (morels, shad, etc)

    2. I haven't tried Nana, but have been to Moutarde. When you walk in the door, you're transported to Paris- until you try the food. At best, it's mediocre, at worst, tasteless. For example, rabbit in mustard sauce, comes with a goopy white sauce, totally devoid of any flavor, let alone mustard. Worse, I've had a lot of rabbit in my time, and I'd bet a dollar that this was chicken. (Yeah, I know a lot of people think rabbit tastes like chicken- but there is a difference.)
      I went again to give them another chance, and the meal both my partner and I had was awful.
      Cocotte is slighter better, but still nothing special.
      Long Tan is okay for Thai, Blue Ribbon Sushi also good. Minnow (not on 5th Ave- on 9th St. near 7th Ave) has good fish.
      I know you said you didn't want Italian, but frankly the best restaurant on 5th is al di la- the food is Venetian, not red sauce Italian, and the restaurant has just been named one of New York's 10 best Italian restaurant by New York Magazine. I've eaten there many times over the years, and have never been disappointed. I ate at al di la last week, and as an example of their food, I had rabbit with polenta and black olives, and my friend had a terrific duck confit.

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        Great post. I concur with all of your conclusions, although I haven't been to any of the Blue Ribbons. Go with either Al Di La, or Convivium, as another poster recommended.

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          BTW, this is nothing to do with your post but instead about your handle. Ann is relatively common name, and since I liked your post so much, I'd hate to get you mixed up with some other Ann. Maybe you'd consider adding an initial or changing it altogether.

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          Marion Morgenthal

          Convivium Osteria--5th between Bergen and St. Marks. Portuguese with excellent food and charming setting. Even a really nice garden, which might be lovely tonight.

          1. I'm sorry, but there is nothing more boring than ANOTHER discussion about the merits of Park Slope's restaurants. They have been discussed to death -- everyone's got their favorites, their pet peeves, their horrible service experience at that one particular place -- and these arguments come up EVERY SINGLE TIME someone posts about al di la, moutarde etc.

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              then what do you suggest we discuss? I myself am new to the Slope dining scene, and I read these posts with great interest. If they bore you so much, why don't you skip them?

            2. Nana is great!!!

              1. ...but only b/c you ruled out Italian--Al Di La is peerles in the Slope, IMO.
                Moutarde is a beautiful space, but the food uninspired; Coquette down the street is better for French.

                1. moutarde is a lovely little place on the corner of 5th ave near union or so. Its open, light and with tasty brunch. Weve only been there a couple times for brunch but I love the omlette, croissant and a couple of tall glasses of Newcastle Brown, mmmm. Its just the right touch when waking up on Sunday morning, lazin around sharing Sunday Times, heading down to Moutard for brunch then coming back to the bed and having afternoon sex.

                  1. I would avoid Moutarde at all costs. Place is expensive and horrid. Cocotte is much better and more authentic.

                    1. numbuh9: so much has changed in the nearly four years since the thread you found appeared. Moutarde has become ordinary. I agree Cocotte is the strongly preferred choice.
                      Anyway, it sounds to me as if you might be best to skip brunch altogether and stay in bed, if it's any of our business. (Prior post on this subject removed by moderators..).

                      1. The last time I was at Moutarde my date and I were swarmed by fruit flies...everyone in the restaurant was swatting at them and laughing how everyone on the staff just acted like there was nothing wrong with all of it's customers wildly flinging their arms in the air. It's too bad that the place is so charming but the food is so bland...I think the only reason they have lasted this long is it gets the run-off from patrons who can't get into al di la. Cocotte is better for French.

                        1. I agree with everyone who says to avoid Moutarde. Along with the aforementioned complaints, I'd like to add on that the service was terrible. Waitress spilled wine and water on me and was laughingly disconnected and aloof.

                          Also, I made a math error (thanks, English major) on the tip/total and realized after I had sent it away (gave her 30% tip instead of the usual 20 but the total reflected a 20 percent tip ... or something like that). Instead of bringing it back, she said she'd take care of it. Of course, she kept the tip the same, but increased the total.

                          I had flies too, by the way.

                          1. Belleville is sort of cute too but I've never had dinner there- only brunch and the server told me they were under new management. The service was very friendly and the food was good, not great but good.

                            1. man, im glad i read this about Moutarde. I guess its changed since i havent been there in a couple yrs or so. Thanks for the heads up man. I live in L.A. so ive only been to Moutarde a couple times and enjoyed it a couple yrs ago or so. I'll check out the other recommendations you mentioned. Hey, what do u think of Lundys on emmons ave in Sheepshead bay. I like it

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                                Ok everyone, HERE"S the way to enjoy Moutarde, which as many noted is a lovely space. Park yourself at the pretty bar, order a martini (or whatever classic cocktail or wine you might enjoy) and a plate of frites. Then order another of each. Then go somewhere else to eat. The bartenders know how to mix, and the frites are usually excellent, and only $3.50 or so per order .

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                                  Lundy's is history. You know that, right numbah9?
                                  (Turn me on, dead man.)