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May 21, 2003 01:00 PM

Riverdale Restaurants

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Does anyone know of any good restaurants in Riverdale? Any kind of cuisine is fine.

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  1. I lived in Riverdale all my life but I've yet to find a good restaurant. The only place I go to is Palace of Japan on Johnson Avenue for sushi - their rolls are great! For American/Italian food that won't make you sick (but it's boring) you could try Madison's on Riverdale Avenue and 256th Street.

    Mostly we go to Manhattan to eat.

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    1. re: Tatyana

      I have also lived in Riverdale all my life. I do like Palace of Japan, they have great Japanese food. I was just wondering if there were any I didn't know about. You don't like Blue Bay?

        1. re: Tatyana

          Its on Johnson right down the street from Palace of Japan. Have you ever tried the Indian restuarant on Johnson?

          1. re: Jenny

            I've tried the Indian place on Johnson and it was horrible. I mean, it was just glop on a plate - argh! I never went back.

            1. re: Tatyana

              Ugh, thats too bad that it was horrible. I have eaten at Josephinas a couple times and liked it. However, I do not like Bellavista. I do want to try Madison's, is it worth it?

              1. re: Jenny

                It's OK, not mind-shattering. Go when you feel too lazy to go anywhere else.

        2. re: Jennifer

          Anybody been to Palace of Japan since they renovated the place? I stuck my head in earlier this week and it's beautiful. I haven't eaten there in a long time, because I long time ago my husband and I decided we liked Planet Tokyo better. I was kind of curious as to if they had redone the menu along with the decor.

          Palace of Japan
          3505 Johnson Ave, Bronx, NY 10463

          1. re: BronxBree

            I was there this week. It is very beautiful. Unfortunately, the food hasn't changed. The prices are a little higher (someone has to pay for the renovation). There are a few new items on the menu. It also much noisier now.

            1. re: aunteejoy

              I completely agree. I love the decor, especially the giant majong board in the enterway (but isn't that game played more in China than Japan?). The food was pretty decent, but pricy, so I think I'll stick to Planet Tokyo, at least till it gets warm out again and they open up those doors to the street.

              1. re: ron

                The food at Palace of Japan is still not authentic Japanese, the Yakiudon was pretty bad and tasted like LoMein with udon noodles. The bar is beautiful, so maybe good for a sushi roll and some miso and a drink, but I wouldn't do dinner there. We did lunch and were glad it was only lunch. Sushi Mikes in Dobbs Ferry is still the best around here to me.

        3. re: Tatyana

          Aside from "fine dining" -- what about those Jewish delis? I was up there visiting a friend and I saw the menu for one that had "mini hot dogs in a puff pastry" for .40cents each. Sounded like exactly what the chow doctor ordered -- but it was closed for yom kippur.

          1. I used to work in the area as well. Warning -- Siam Square is only open for dinner. I found that out the hard way. Also, I felt that Tazmohol was much better than Cumin (though everybody talks about Cumin). You should definitely try El Malecon for their chicken and mondongo. And I totally agree with you about Piper's Kilt -- they always prepared my burger to perfection.

          2. You can try Jake's Steakhouse down on Broadway. I've only been there once, and while the porterhouse wasn't Luger's, it was acceptable. If you're willing to go slightly out of Riverdale, there's Ya Hala on Broadway just north of McLain up in Yonkers.

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            1. re: Justin Burk

              My husband tried Jake's and said that it was good, but too expensive.

            2. my husband and i like josepina's (italian) on johnson. their linguine with mussels is pretty good. just stay away from "lobster night" lobsters—they tasted pre-cooked and were rubbery...

              has anyone been to the new(ish) kappock cafe? we got their takeout menu under our door recently and it looks nice...

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              1. re: Nancy

                The Kappock Cafe is nice and pretty good. I have taken out from there and the food is good and very nicely priced. I recommend trying it.

              2. Although not techincally riverdale (kingsbridge I guess) you should try malecon on broadway right by 231st street. It has delicious rotesserie chicken. The roast pork I had once wasn't bad either but you should stick to the chicken.

                don't go on weekends,it was jammed!

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                1. re: MissToodles

                  In that same area I like to get delivery/takeout from Caridad (230th & Bway). Good cuban sandwiches, roasted chicken, plantains, & mofongo. I'm less of a fan of their rice & beans (not as good as La Caridad down on the UWS).

                2. I live around the corner from the Kappock Cafe and have picked up takeout there a number of times (mainly because there's not much else nearby). The club sandwich was pretty good (with real roasted Thanksgiving type turkey) and came with fries, and the prix fix lunch specials are a good deal too. But I ordered a turkey mozerella panini one night (which was suposed to be hot and include roasted red peppers, and basically got a dry turkey sandwich with fresh mozerella and tomato (no roasted peppers to be seen) on a hogie roll that was cold. It was tolerable, but not worth the $7 plus I paid for it and it didn't come with fries or chips or even a pickle.