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May 9, 2003 10:10 AM

Kati Allo - Greek in Bayside (29-06 172 St.)

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Kati Allo is one of my favorite local spots. It's designed very nicely - with a quaint Meditteranean feel. The owners and staff are exceedingly nice and happy to see my wife and I whenever we come by. We went there last night for the first time in a month and we got the "Where've you been?" joking comment and look - nice folks.

It's a very reasonable place with a solid menu. The Horiataki Salad ($4.75) is great - tomatoes, cukes, feta, nice dressing. Of course, with your entree orders, you do get a complimentary greek salad thrown in. The octopus salad ($4.25) was also quite tasty - tneder and nicely seasoned. Also, the Taramosalata (Greek caviar), Melitzanosalata (eggplant, red peppers with spices), and Skordalia (creamy garlic) are excellent.

The Spinach pie and Falaffel are also great, about $3-$4 each. Even the "Greek burger" and Greek Pizzas are nice - each, with, what else, Feta cheese.

For entrees, the chicken is excellent - perfectly charred, yet ultra juicy and tender. The gyro is also excellent. You can get either, or both, for about $8. Of course, rice or the lemon potatoes are the side options - I always go with the potatoes, excellent. They also provide pita and Tzatziki sauce with your order - each very tasty.

Overall, great place, local prices. If you're in the area, it's worth definetely worth a try.

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  1. it's nice for a quick bite

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    1. re: Greenhorn

      What do you think of the Turkish place on Bell blvd? I don't remember the name but we ate their last week, and it seemed good. I had chicken doner. I especially liked the hot sauce (which you can ask for). I liked the shepards salad, but missed the hot peppers of Beyoglu's.

      It aint Hemsin, but so far so good. I'm not actually recommending the place till In try more dishes there.

      1. re: Jayask

        I thought it was ok - I don't really remember too much of it, but it was a few monthes ago. It's called Laila, or something like that. I'd have to go back and see.

      2. re: Greenhorn

        Do they do the greek grilled fish, split, grilled and a sqeeze of lemon? Or is it more of a gyro spot?

        1. re: stuart

          They have an entire section of fish, I believe. Fairly comprehensive, I guess, with some lamb, etc. entrees as well.

          1. re: stuart

            ALL "Greek" style 'restaurants' these days are 'specializing' in fish. The only reason I can figure is that the foods were/are pretty substandard, atbest. True Greek food, beyond a Plain grilled fish is what *I* am seeking.

            Kati Allo is a little sandwich shop.

            1. re: Gerry Rivers

              Okay, what do you consider true Greek food? My old Greek mom cooks stephatho, sudzukakia, kapama, dolmathes, mizithra and magiaritza. She cooks lamb kidneys and rice, mussels and rice and veal with manestra. Is that what you call Greek food? I don't think it's any more Greek than a nice fried porgy or a bunch of sauteed smelts. But I'm just wondering what dishes you'd like to see in restaurants.

              1. re: christina z

                What I was trying to get at is that a few years back "Greek" style restaurants had a variety to the menu. They almost always were stale foods, because they did not taste good and sat around a week or two before they were tossed out, or even worse - sent to the freezer for a year or so as ALL mousaka is in almost all "Greek" restaurants. They just slice up the mousaka into bricks and freeze it for that RARE occasion that someone will order it and then they just pull it out and microwave it to order. Today most Greek places, but not all, are 'fish' restaurants. They serve a grilled fish on a cold plate (the hot plates seem to be reserved for the salad, as I asked the waiter (in several Greek places on many an occasion and got the same response - eerie) why he served us a salad on a plate that was too hot to even hold in my hand, he responded that, "it just came out of the dishwasher" and he continued, "at least it is clean." What, the cold dish of grilled fish ISN'T CLEAN?!?!).

                I just choose to view Greek cuisine as more than just gyros and American versions of Greek salad and a grilled fish because the dishwasher-become-cook isn't about to learn how to prepare Greek cuisine. The foods you listed sound nice, and are most probably Greek, but in a restaurant I choose not to have something off a steam table (how long has THAT been sitting there on that heat and under those heat lamps?!?!!- oh the taste of heat lamps (sigh) not to mention that gray haze and dried out crust over the stainless steel tray of bayatiko whatever or over sauced chafing dish of sloppy looking who-knows-what, despite my knowing what it is Supposed to at least LOOK like) or that which has been microwaved to order (restaurant prices for microwaved food - what, too cheap to fire up an oven?). I would like to see Greek cuisine presented FRESH. Fresh from the oven. Instead of micro waving last weeks fare, place it in the oven. Even a pizzeria doesn't microwave your slice; they place it in an oven. It seems that these "restaurants" can not accomplish this and so they all serve fish, your choice - fried or grilled and some serve a lamb chop - grilled, quality isn't a consideration, but over done, dry and chewy is standard, despite requests for medium - a choice I do not make anymore based on the 'lesser quality' and poor handling. The other dishes, if you read these boards, are always on the AVOID list. I see the posts as stating to avoid the entrees and stick to the appetizers on almost any mention of Greek food, whether in Bayside or Astoria or wherever. WHY? Greek cuisine is some of the finest cuisine in the world, IMHO. Why are these places serving substandard fare?

                1. re: Gerry Rivers

                  WOW! That's AMAZING!

                  1. re: Gerry Rivers

                    So where can we find it?

                    1. re: Gerry Rivers

                      Food: fresh as they get. It's a point of honor; they're almost Klingon. ;^)

                      I admit, I'm biased. I live around the corner, used to typeset their menu, and love the family. But it's still true; I've been in the kitchen (when it was being *built*!) and know that Christina and Manny take great pride in every "oooh" and "ahhh" from their patrons.