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May 4, 2003 09:34 PM

Mother's Day brunch in Great Neck

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Gotta find someplace to take a party of about 12 somewhere near North Shore Towers in Queens. Nothing ethnic (too many traditional tastes involved) just brunch. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nelsons on NOrthern Blvd in Little NEck - next to the Kebab Cafe (near Scobees) Ecclectic but good cooking and portions at reasonable prices. Nothing special in decor tho

    1. I may be late to get a reservation, but the Garden City hotel used to have a wonderful Sunday brunch. It's not far from NST.

      1. Millie's Place on Northern Blvd. near Lakeville Rd. serves a good brunch in a beautiful setting.

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          Millie's Place has gone out of business.

        2. The Giraffe Room in Great Neck is another idea. It's off Middle Neck Road, i think it's part of a hotel there. I think the normal price is $25pp, but Mother's Day may be different.