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Are there any hounds in Bay Ridge?

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Are there any hounds out there that live or dine in the Bay Ridge Area. I am relatively new to the area and it seems a large portion of the board is dedicated to the Park Slope area of Brooklyn.

I would love to hear about any restaurants or take-out places in the Bay Ridge area?

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound!

    I don't know Bay Ridge very well, although I sometimes snoop around there. But there are really a ton of postings you could check. Just go to the main chowhound page and type Bay Ridge in the search window, and you will get oodles of posts. The one I have highlighted below is a year old, but still interesting.

    I'm sure some knowledgeable folks will also chime in with particular recommendations.

    Pat G.

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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    1. re: Pat Goldberg

      Thanx for the recommendation on the search function. I am aware of it and have used it a lot. With this thread I was hoping to find some more recent recommendations and some other Ridge hounds.

      1. re: HippiRep

        Bay Ridge is a chow mecca- Check out:

        Karam on 86th and 4th for mouth watering Lebanese food. They have the best chicken schwarma in nyc along with amazing meat and spinach pies, hummus etc. This place may look like a normal take-out dive but the food is simply divine. I'd eat at Karam every day if I lived in Bay Ridge.

        La Maison Du Couscous- 77 bet 4 & 5th.
        The best French Moroccan in NYC. See my old post on this place.

        Areo 3rd and 84th
        Bustling Italian joint that serves mouthwatering Roman food, very fresh and extremely tasty- great brooklyn atmosphere- one of the best italian restaurants in nyc.

        1. re: josh L

          Not sure, but looks good (from citysearch)...

          Pearl Room
          8203 Third Avenue
          Brooklyn, NY 11209-4401
          Phone: (718) 833-6666

          The Scene
          It's the liveliest spot along Bay Ridge's thriving Third Avenue dining scene. Gussied-up Gen-Xers sample homemade potato chips and mingle to the sounds of piped-in pop music at the stylish bar and its high-cushioned booths. An elegant back dining room suits special occasions, with flowing satin drapes, a flickering fireplace, and dramatic recessed ceilings frescoed with abstract aquatic art.

          The Food
          Servers describe the pricey, seafood-dominant fusion menu with an Emeril-esque enthusiasm, steering toward excellent raw bar oysters, crispy citrus-peperoncini calamari and flaky lobster-mushroom tart with fiery chorizo and caramelized onions. Don't miss shellfish-stocked linguine in a sprightly tomato sauce, or excellent homemade cheese ravioli, but beware of ingredient-heavy fish entrees that overwhelm beautifully cooked fillets. Instead, opt for simpler successes, like supple roasted lobster and grilled filet mignon with incredible pancetta-scallion mashed potatoes; horseradish salmon sweet-tempered with apple hash; and Parmesan-basil lamb over creamy polenta.

          1. re: billyblancoNYC

            Try Lento's on the corner of 3rd avenue and Ovington avenue they make great pizza

            1. re: E-Boogie

              The Vietnamese restaurant near the SW corner of 86th and 4th Ave, Pho Hoai, has a decent banh mi, somewhere near the level of the place on Broome St in Manhattan. Their other food is pretty good, not great.
              Further up 86th toward 5th Ave, close to Gelston (sp?), there is a new-ish dim sum parlor, called Hong Kong something or other, I believe. I wandered in one day but couldn't eat, just having eaten a banh mi, half of a meat pie and half of a shawarma sandwich from Karam.

              1. re: E-Boogie

                Unfortunately Lento's is closed (and dearly missed).

              2. re: billyblancoNYC

                On the Pearl Room, we've tried it once and I must say I didn't feel like I got enough bang for the (significant) bucks. But then again, we are just not used to dropping that much on dinner...

                It's funny that the citysearch review mentions the music, as though it is hip -- On our visit, it was all "hacks of the 80s" - including, if I recall correctly, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," the worst tune ever. Seriously ruined the dining vibe. Ah well, that's the Ridge for ya.

                1. re: brooklyned

                  If it weren't for the gift certificate I got, I'd still not have gone to the Pearl Room. Way overrated, inadequate use of salt being the being infraction. Horrible service unless you're slipping them plenty extra. I will never go back.

              3. re: josh L

                I'll have to concur with the karam's reccomadation.

                My mom, sister and I were driving around bay ridge about three years ago and wanted something middle eastern. We drove by karam's and have been frequenting it since!

                I live in staten island but always travel home via brooklyn so I can stop by and grab a bite when coming home from school. In fact I had a chicken swarma and three rice filled grape leaves for dinner yesterday! delish. As soon as I can smell the wonderful fragances the food produces, it puts a smile on my face.

          2. I live in Bay Ridge and eat out a lot. My favorites are Pearl Room, 82nd and 3rd (they have a varied menu), great food expensive. For Italian the scene place is Areo on 85th and 3rd which I think is overrated. Gino's on 75th and 5th, which is a pizzeria and has a restaurant in the back is always crowded and serves up delicious Italian food at reasonable prices. For Chinese Food you have Mr. Tang on 76th and 3rd, good food. For exceptional Chinese food Lai Yuen on 101 and 4th but is very expensive. For the best burgers you have Skinflints on 79th and 5th. Enjoy.

            1. Here's my Bay Ridge faves:
              Best Delivered Italian-
              Jean Danet's on Fifth Avenue (great brick oven pizza in addition to their bakery offerings)
              Nino's on Third Avenue--Great everything, Grandma's Pizza is awesome as well as the Philly Cheesesteak's (CASH ONLY)
              Vesuvio's on Third Avenue--Wonderful pasta, great pizza.
              Best Diner with parking lot:
              Tiffany's Diner, 4th Avenue--Huge menu, not all winners. But for a brunch place with parking, total life saver! My favorite is the Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries on top--and the coffee carafe they bring to the table if you ask. Keep the coffee coming! Oh, and the Yankee Bean soup is really great (Saturday Soup). Nice view of the various Bay Ridge parades as they get to the Park at Shore and 4th Ave . . . .
              Great Burgers:
              Griswold's Pub on Third Avenue
              Sinful Bakery:
              Little Cupcake on Third Avenue: I have dreams now of cupcakes after eating there. Last dream had Bill Murray asking for more cupcakes. Have no idea why it was Bill Murray.

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              1. re: bayridger12

                As charming as Little Cupcake's atmosphere is, the cupcakes just really aren't all that great. It took me a while to sample all of them (because, really, I'd like my hips to not expand), but the cupcakes themselves were on the dry side and the icing so sweet, it made my sweet tooth hurt. Except for the icing on the chocolate cloud - it was blessedly lighter. That icing is the places only saving point.

                However, the other desserts there are lovely. The Blueberry cobbler comes to mind. And the coffee is quite nice. :)

              2. There are several very good places in Bay Ridge. Nouvelle for Asian food; Amelia's Ristorante for superb Italian, Banana Leaf for Malaysian, and there's an old fashioned soda fountain with great ice cream and sandwiches, I think it's called Hincsh's.

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                1. re: Claire

                  I love Hinsch's. It's a real throwback. Great burgers and awesome homemade ice cream. They close around 7 P.M. though. I also used to like this place Chianti on 3rd and 86th, I haven't been there for a few years though.

                  1. re: MrsT

                    Chianti is still there. Very charming staff. And Gnochetti to die for!

                2. Just had dinner at Saint Germain's on 83rd(?) and 3rd Ave, next to Amelia's. Fantastic. Had the duck with a lovely berry sauce and brown rice pilaf. The duck was wonderfully tender with a nice crust and the sauce, while obviously sweet, did not overpower the duck as sometime happens with game meat. The use of brown rice for the piliaf lent a nice nuttiness to the dish as well. The atmosphere was refreshingly casual (I went in with jeans). And for a single girl having dinner alone, the staff didn't make me feel like I was an oddball (as some places have done). The gentleman serving also seemed to be the owner, but that's my guess.

                  All in all, I found it charming. Made me wish I wasn't too full for dessert!

                  1. My Bay Ridge choices...
                    Wings- Kettle Black
                    Decent bar scene and food- Cebu
                    Romantic Spot- Tuscany Grill
                    Great "Red Sauce" Italian- Gino's
                    Banana Leaf- Malaisian
                    Pizza Take Out- Pizza Wagon
                    Tanoreen- Middle Eastern

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                    1. re: ChowDiva

                      thot Banana Leaf closed.
                      For Malaysian, think the closest is now Belacan Cafe, 61st and 7th.
                      and what about Karam's and Mazza Plaza for schwarma and other more casual mideastern treats?

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        I just went to Karam and tried the Sujok (spicy lamb and beef sausage) sandwhich.

                        My mouth is so happy right now. It was spicy, but just enough to keep it tingly, but not overpower the taste of the meat. Perfectly spiced and flavorful. It was enhanced with, I think, pickled beets and this tangy yogurt sauce.

                        Just what this chilly night called for!

                    2. Banana Leaf is long gone, replaced by Bamboo Stick. Sampled a few dishes on their menu and was disappointed - not the same old Banana Leaf.

                      Al Salaam - on 5th Avenue and 72nd Street - it's the store with a white bird on their sign. This is a middle eastern store also serves some cooked items. My family loves their spicy sojouk platter, and if you walk in all the way to the back, they have a fresh meat section, and you can purchase the spicy sojouk and other meats by the pound. Everytime I stop by, always get their kofta mix with parsley and onions which they prepare fresh for you. Their chicken tawouk (sp?) cubes are also good, I just skewer the cubes when I get home and store in the freezer or fridge (depending on how soon I wish to cook them).

                      Also like, Tanoreen, Sally and George's (on 3rd Ave and 78th/79th St), Kettle Black, Bay Leaf, and my daughter loves the pizza from Papa's Pizza on 5th Avenue and 83rd Street.

                      1. Where's the love for Piazza Mercado? Not a restaurant, but an Italian grocery/butcher shop with excellent deli prepared foods (stuffed and pickled things, rice balls etc) and great bread. I read somewhere they're some relationship to Royal Crown bakery.

                        Sometimes by the checkout there's stuffed figs, grilled in a pizza oven, in plastic clamshells. Ay diosa!

                        3rd Ave between 92nd and 93rd, I think

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                        1. re: pitu

                          its owned by the Royal Crown people, and its a real enthusiast's operation. they have always had something unique on offer, in addition to very high quality generally Just sorry I am not in the nabe more to go there.

                        2. AGNANTI is an outstanding Greek Taverna style restaurant in Bay Ridge. The food is delicious, the service friendly and helpful, the prices very reasonable.

                          1. Welcome to the neighborhood! I have to take some exception to the suggestions above- sorry guys. Chinese food is one notch above Park Slope- but still not up to par. Mr Tangs is awful and so is Lai Yuen. Burger at Salty Dog or Cebu are way better than Skinflints these days. Karam is indeed wonderful- though I have been hearing about Mazza lately and have yet to try it. If you get the chicken, make sure you ask for the garlic sauce.Try the octopus at Spartan Souvlaki. Take out at Paneantico is a must. The sashimi omakasi at Nouvelle can be as good as many of the places I ate at in Tokyo. Tanoreen is always crowded but worth the wait. Breakfast at Pegasus (and they have the best turkey burgers in town). I have been liking the new Indian restaurant called Himalayan Cove. When you simply cant decide, try Nature's Grill- they have an extensive menu that is not all healthfoody. Best pizza so say my kids is Peppinos ( next door to Tanoreen).You will not go hungry in Bay Ridge!!!

                            1. I would have to say Grandma's on 3rd Avenue is my favorite pizza in the 'hood. I'm very fond of the pasta fagioli and salads at Vesuvio, the pizza isn't quite as good. LOVE Nouvelle. Bay Sushi on Bay Ridge Ave is also decent (and a block away from me, so I tend to hop over there a lot). I've had delivery from Kim Chee a couple of times-- it seems a little pricey for what it is, but I've liked everything I've had from them. Paneantico's breads and sandwiches are terrific-- I don't love their pastries, they don't measure up to Court Pastry or some of the other old school Italian bakeries. I really like the cupcakes at Little Cupcake Bakeshop, although I can see why others might think they're too sweet.

                              Can anyone recommend some good Chinese in the Ridge? I haven't found anything too appealing so far.

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                              1. re: IrinaD

                                The best Chinese food I''e found so far in Bay Ridge is Chopstix, on 5th Ave. between 84th/85th. Despite the cheesy name and plastic-franchise-looking exterior, they actually make pretty decent food - definitely a cut above the standard greasy take-out places you see everywhere. A particular favorite of ours is the spicy Szechuan cucumbers, authentic and delicious!

                                1. re: IrinaD

                                  I am a big fan of 86 Noodle. They have some really great wonton soups. Though I am not a fn of Americanized Chinese food, at least they use a pretty high quality of food. And the dumplings are just great. :)

                                2. Also, try for some real home-style cooking- O'sullivan's 89th Street, really good food at affordable prices.

                                  1. I do not think that any of the Chinese restaurants are particulary good but the one of choice is on 3rd between 85th and 86th for one reason- they are really really nice.
                                    Had an amazing dinner from Mazza Plaza last night. Might be my new favorite rotisserie chicken...

                                    1. im new to chowhound too!!! it's nice to see there are so many bay ridge hounds, great!

                                      i only moved to BR about half a year, having really spend a lot of time dining out within the area, at least havent tried some of those big brother like areo, safia, greenhouse etc...

                                      personally, i like cappaccino cafe (jes, i cant spell these days), the old les babouches (it's now closed :(), nouvelle and mythai (formerly les babouches).

                                      lookin for a decent authentic chinese restaurant too within BR

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                                        been living in Bay Ridge for awhile and these are some places with good food in my opinion:
                                        For Italian - For takeout DEFINITELY Vesuvio. The best white clam sauce in the 'hood. I also frequent a little known place on 4th and 88th called Pietro's Tratoria. Delicious.
                                        For burgers, wings, (bar food) - Kettle Black. Have never had anything bad from there and their onion rings are amazing.
                                        For Chinese - I am always a little disappointed with the Chinese, but I suppose my favorite would be the one on 3rd between 85th and 86th, east side of the street.
                                        For Mexican - Mezcal's on 3rd off of 75th. There is no other good Mex in Bay Ridge.
                                        Also good is Circle's on 3rd and about 90th.

                                        1. re: dorilou

                                          omg, just tried Grand Sichuan House on 5th Ave @87th St - mindblowing!
                                          We had a couple of things off the New Sichuan part of the menu -- the cumin lamb is particularly good, and SUPER hot and flavorful.

                                          p.s. hey wait a second..this is such an old thread, why did it pop up on the side? o well....

                                      2. Agree w/Josh L re: Karam, Le Maison du Cous Cous and Areo, but would DEFINITELY add:
                                        "Tanoreen" and "The Mediterranean Store", both on 3rd Ave for middle eastern.
                                        Gino's on 75th & 5th for Italian
                                        Polonica on 3rd & 72nd for cheap, hearty Polish
                                        Also, Royal Crown Panini in Bensonhurst is pretty wonderful - eat in or take out.

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                                        1. re: SL365

                                          Don't forgret the Family Store on 3rd and 69th St for delicious Middle Eastern takeout and The Spartan Cafe on 8th Ave and 69th St for tasty, inexpensive Greek food.

                                          1. re: SL365

                                            YES, YES, YES to TANOREEN. Probably the best restaurant in ALL of Bay Ridge. There is just no one who makes baba ganouj better!!

                                          2. Greek- Agnanti
                                            Pizza- Pizza Wagon
                                            Chinese- Dragon china
                                            Japanese- Dish
                                            Indian- Taj Mahal
                                            Bagels- bagel Boy
                                            Mediteranean- Samia

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                                            1. re: Hungry4cake

                                              Hi and welcome to Bay Ridge, but sssshhh don't tell anybody about it!!

                                              These are the places I love:

                                              O'Sullivans has a great great burger
                                              Nino's pizza
                                              Janet Danet bakery
                                              St. Germaine's for Sunday brunch is great
                                              Pegasus diner is the best in Bay Ridge to me (Sorry, Tiffany's is gone I guess the neighborhood needed another bank)
                                              Chef with Sole is a nice fish store
                                              Ponte Vecchio a must for Italian (expensive, but no more than Areo)
                                              For Chinese I love 86 Noodles. Their dumplings and noodle soups are cheap and delicious.
                                              Walk, run or bike it all off on the beautiful Shore Road path along the Belt Parkway
                                              Although not food, HOM on 3rd Avenue is a great place for browsing and buying decorative items to feather your nest.

                                            2. Does anyone know where the cook of Amelia's Ristorante is working now??? The restaurant was on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge and I loved his way of cooking. I think his name was Ken Deiner. Where is he working now???

                                              1. I just recently moved to Bay Ridge as well, about a year ago and i'm incredibly picky about what constitutes good food (also my landlord is a chef and has pointed me in some good directions). Here are some of my suggestions:

                                                - Pegasus on 3rd and 86th is fantastic, bit pricey but well worth it. Unfortunately they are only open for lunch and breakfast.

                                                - St. Germain is a great French Bistro on 3rd between 84 and 83rd.

                                                - Tanoreen (also on 3rd Ave and 78?) is fantastic middle eastern place (quite possibly the best spot I have found in all of Bay Ridge). Something to note is that the take-out can take nearly an hour, but it is inexpensive and worth the wait.

                                                - Chipshop (also on 3rd) just recently opened up its Bay Ridge location. If you are familiar with its other locations it is worth checking out. It will be much better when they get their liquor license though, fish and chips is not the same with out a good pint (they do allow you to byob and they chill and server the beer for you).

                                                These are just a few spots that I really enjoy that are reasonably priced.

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                                                1. re: teeter229

                                                  I used to know a lot of the older places like Pizza Wagon and Hinsch's . I also just moved to Bay Ridge and am having a blast exploring the neighborhood.

                                                  So far our favorites have been Tanoreen, Peppino's, Grand Sechuan (can't spell), Vesuvio, and Salty Dog.

                                                  We went to Areo and thought it was expensive for what it was worth. St Germain had a nifty little brunch that left us hungry for the entire day. We also enjoyed Yellow Hook Grill

                                                  We still have to try Le Masion du Cous Cous, Grandma's, Cebu, the Kettle Black, Skinflints, and Circles (although I have been to Skinflint's and Circle's when the tables have been removed and food wasn't served).

                                                  We've been attempting to try a different place each week.

                                                  1. re: MrsT

                                                    Block for block, I think Bay Ridge has more good diversified eateries both foodwise and pricewise, than any other enighborhood in Brooklyn. The one big drawback for those who drive is the nightmare of finding parking.

                                                    1. re: Tay

                                                      The R train is no picnic either. All these great places really helped me not miss moving out of the Slope. It's also great to go back to some of the places I used to go to as a teenager/young adult. The only thing I haven't found yet is a good tailor and awesome sushi.

                                                      1. re: MrsT

                                                        Welcome to the area Teeter. I agree with Tay: Bay Ridge may not have the best Italian, best pizza, best Middle Eastern, best Sichuan, best middle eastern, best Korean, best German, best Russian, best Greek restaurant in the city. But is there any neighborhood that has at least one top notch restaurant serving each of those cuisines? In most cases, the neighborhood has several.

                                                        For what it's worth, here are my favorites:

                                                        Pizza -- Peppino's (brick oven) or Nino's (classic oily slice)
                                                        Italian -- Tuscany Grill or Ponte Vecchio; Ponte Vecchio is overpriced but still worth it once in a while. (Chianti and Gino's are mediocre.) We're not talking Lupa or Al di La, but very solid red sauce restaurants.
                                                        Middle Eastern - Tanoreen; the menu at First Oasis doesn’t have nearly the diversity, but is still very hearty and a notch above the other middle eastern places in the area
                                                        Chinese - Grand Sichuan House -- stunningly good and incredibly hot; the real deal
                                                        Greek - Agnanti - Also, Elia's is a slightly nicer place, but the food isn't quite as good
                                                        Vietnamese - Pho Hoi (Nha Trang, which is in Sunset Park, is a little better and will deliver to the northern part of Bay Ridge)
                                                        Korean - Kimchee -- BBQ grills in the table
                                                        Moroccan - Maison du couscous -- not quite as good as some say, but still solid.
                                                        Italian Sandwiches - Paneantico
                                                        Old fashioned diners - Hinsche's and Anapoli both make homemade ice cream; Anapoli has a bigger menu and probably better food.
                                                        Middle eastern sleeper -- 5th avenue kings, on bay ridge ave and 5th ave, is a grocery store with a butcher/prepared foods in the back. The Yemen roast lamb is incredible. Everyone must try!

                                                        I have yet to go to any steakhouses in the area. How are Embers, etc?

                                                        Favorite food shopping (also posted on another thread elsewhere):

                                                        The Russian grocery, called Paradise, on 3rd and 73rd is excellent, so is the Polish grocery across the street -- both for cold cuts, sausages, smoked fish, etc.

                                                        Family Store is great for middle eastern and mediterranean prepared foods. Aunt Halime's, on 3rd and Ovington, is great for middle eastern staples and turkish dumplings. Also, the Nordic Delicacies store next door to Family Store.

                                                        A&S Pork Store is excellent, as is Piazza Mercato. The mozzarella and prosciutto cotto are better at the former, and the bread and porchetta are better at the latter.

                                                        Hellas, greek grocery on 3rd and 87th is a great butcher and also great for olive oil, yogurt, olives, anchovies, etc. A&S Greek has those same great staples, but not as good a butcher.

                                                        Leske's -- Norwegian bakery. Scotch nut cake is great, as are donuts, and bread and cheese cake. Probably everything is, but that’s what I've had.

                                                        Balady -- Yemen store on 5th ave.

                                                        Najjar - middle eastern bakery on 5th and bay ridge ave -- great baklava.

                                                2. Another newbie foodie in Bay Ridge here. We've been here a year and so far our favorites include:

                                                  BY FAR: Le Petit Oven on Bay Ridge Ave off of 3rd Ave. Such a beautiful menu; fresh ingredient; skilled preparation. Our plates are always licked clean.

                                                  St Germain is a great lunch place; and we love the wine/champagne offerings, too.

                                                  Pearl Room's oyster bar is top notch - though, we haven't tried it for anythingelse.

                                                  Tanoreen - of course.

                                                  Yellow Hook Grille - standard fare done right

                                                  Elia - excellent upscale Greek

                                                  My Thai: we've only tried it for take-out and have been very happy with our orders.

                                                  Chef with Sole - love this place

                                                  Robicelli's - new, but has a terrific, newly offered prepared food selection

                                                  The Family Store, of course

                                                  Pegasus - the best diner ever - at least in Bay Ridge

                                                  Nino's for the pizza - nothing else comes close

                                                  Areo - expensive and too rich for a summer meal - but their lunch is nice especially on a nice day when you can sit near the opened french doors.

                                                  Turqua Grille for middle eastern

                                                  Chip Shop

                                                  Tuscany Grill - nothing inventive, but the flavors are truly authentic thanks to obvious use of the best and freshest ingredients.

                                                  I look forward to trying the rest.

                                                  1. If it's still around, there is a really nice Deli on 5th between 76-77th Sts, called Mejlander and Mulgannon. The place is always spotless They have dialy specials, and their cold salads are made in house and are all delicious.
                                                    I just checked and their web site is 'supposedly, "Under construction'" I don't know if that's an indication of anything more.

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                                                    1. re: Tay

                                                      bay ridgers:

                                                      SO and I just tried new TRACE tonight on 3rd Ave near 88th. It's a big, spacious, place that serves Latin fare.

                                                      Food was pretty good. We tried the chicken enchiladas in a mole sauce and the carnitas (pork tacos) which were both yummy. The real star, though, was the house made guacamole which was divine (we ordered it spicy). Margaritas pretty tasty too.

                                                      We will be back to try some of their more expensive entrees (steaks, etc).

                                                      Service was ok---a bit slow at times, but they just opened so we won't hold it against them. The four HUGE hi-def TVs on the dining room (in addition to a TV filled bar area) were a bit flashy and annoying. Why do they want to distract people in the DINING room from their good food? Anyway, worth a try.