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Apr 29, 2003 10:41 AM

Are there any hounds in Bay Ridge?

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Are there any hounds out there that live or dine in the Bay Ridge Area. I am relatively new to the area and it seems a large portion of the board is dedicated to the Park Slope area of Brooklyn.

I would love to hear about any restaurants or take-out places in the Bay Ridge area?

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound!

    I don't know Bay Ridge very well, although I sometimes snoop around there. But there are really a ton of postings you could check. Just go to the main chowhound page and type Bay Ridge in the search window, and you will get oodles of posts. The one I have highlighted below is a year old, but still interesting.

    I'm sure some knowledgeable folks will also chime in with particular recommendations.

    Pat G.


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    1. re: Pat Goldberg

      Thanx for the recommendation on the search function. I am aware of it and have used it a lot. With this thread I was hoping to find some more recent recommendations and some other Ridge hounds.

      1. re: HippiRep

        Bay Ridge is a chow mecca- Check out:

        Karam on 86th and 4th for mouth watering Lebanese food. They have the best chicken schwarma in nyc along with amazing meat and spinach pies, hummus etc. This place may look like a normal take-out dive but the food is simply divine. I'd eat at Karam every day if I lived in Bay Ridge.

        La Maison Du Couscous- 77 bet 4 & 5th.
        The best French Moroccan in NYC. See my old post on this place.

        Areo 3rd and 84th
        Bustling Italian joint that serves mouthwatering Roman food, very fresh and extremely tasty- great brooklyn atmosphere- one of the best italian restaurants in nyc.

        1. re: josh L

          Not sure, but looks good (from citysearch)...

          Pearl Room
          8203 Third Avenue
          Brooklyn, NY 11209-4401
          Phone: (718) 833-6666

          The Scene
          It's the liveliest spot along Bay Ridge's thriving Third Avenue dining scene. Gussied-up Gen-Xers sample homemade potato chips and mingle to the sounds of piped-in pop music at the stylish bar and its high-cushioned booths. An elegant back dining room suits special occasions, with flowing satin drapes, a flickering fireplace, and dramatic recessed ceilings frescoed with abstract aquatic art.

          The Food
          Servers describe the pricey, seafood-dominant fusion menu with an Emeril-esque enthusiasm, steering toward excellent raw bar oysters, crispy citrus-peperoncini calamari and flaky lobster-mushroom tart with fiery chorizo and caramelized onions. Don't miss shellfish-stocked linguine in a sprightly tomato sauce, or excellent homemade cheese ravioli, but beware of ingredient-heavy fish entrees that overwhelm beautifully cooked fillets. Instead, opt for simpler successes, like supple roasted lobster and grilled filet mignon with incredible pancetta-scallion mashed potatoes; horseradish salmon sweet-tempered with apple hash; and Parmesan-basil lamb over creamy polenta.

          1. re: billyblancoNYC

            Try Lento's on the corner of 3rd avenue and Ovington avenue they make great pizza

            1. re: E-Boogie

              The Vietnamese restaurant near the SW corner of 86th and 4th Ave, Pho Hoai, has a decent banh mi, somewhere near the level of the place on Broome St in Manhattan. Their other food is pretty good, not great.
              Further up 86th toward 5th Ave, close to Gelston (sp?), there is a new-ish dim sum parlor, called Hong Kong something or other, I believe. I wandered in one day but couldn't eat, just having eaten a banh mi, half of a meat pie and half of a shawarma sandwich from Karam.

              1. re: E-Boogie

                Unfortunately Lento's is closed (and dearly missed).

              2. re: billyblancoNYC

                On the Pearl Room, we've tried it once and I must say I didn't feel like I got enough bang for the (significant) bucks. But then again, we are just not used to dropping that much on dinner...

                It's funny that the citysearch review mentions the music, as though it is hip -- On our visit, it was all "hacks of the 80s" - including, if I recall correctly, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," the worst tune ever. Seriously ruined the dining vibe. Ah well, that's the Ridge for ya.

                1. re: brooklyned

                  If it weren't for the gift certificate I got, I'd still not have gone to the Pearl Room. Way overrated, inadequate use of salt being the being infraction. Horrible service unless you're slipping them plenty extra. I will never go back.

              3. re: josh L

                I'll have to concur with the karam's reccomadation.

                My mom, sister and I were driving around bay ridge about three years ago and wanted something middle eastern. We drove by karam's and have been frequenting it since!

                I live in staten island but always travel home via brooklyn so I can stop by and grab a bite when coming home from school. In fact I had a chicken swarma and three rice filled grape leaves for dinner yesterday! delish. As soon as I can smell the wonderful fragances the food produces, it puts a smile on my face.

          2. I live in Bay Ridge and eat out a lot. My favorites are Pearl Room, 82nd and 3rd (they have a varied menu), great food expensive. For Italian the scene place is Areo on 85th and 3rd which I think is overrated. Gino's on 75th and 5th, which is a pizzeria and has a restaurant in the back is always crowded and serves up delicious Italian food at reasonable prices. For Chinese Food you have Mr. Tang on 76th and 3rd, good food. For exceptional Chinese food Lai Yuen on 101 and 4th but is very expensive. For the best burgers you have Skinflints on 79th and 5th. Enjoy.

            1. Here's my Bay Ridge faves:
              Best Delivered Italian-
              Jean Danet's on Fifth Avenue (great brick oven pizza in addition to their bakery offerings)
              Nino's on Third Avenue--Great everything, Grandma's Pizza is awesome as well as the Philly Cheesesteak's (CASH ONLY)
              Vesuvio's on Third Avenue--Wonderful pasta, great pizza.
              Best Diner with parking lot:
              Tiffany's Diner, 4th Avenue--Huge menu, not all winners. But for a brunch place with parking, total life saver! My favorite is the Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries on top--and the coffee carafe they bring to the table if you ask. Keep the coffee coming! Oh, and the Yankee Bean soup is really great (Saturday Soup). Nice view of the various Bay Ridge parades as they get to the Park at Shore and 4th Ave . . . .
              Great Burgers:
              Griswold's Pub on Third Avenue
              Sinful Bakery:
              Little Cupcake on Third Avenue: I have dreams now of cupcakes after eating there. Last dream had Bill Murray asking for more cupcakes. Have no idea why it was Bill Murray.

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              1. re: bayridger12

                As charming as Little Cupcake's atmosphere is, the cupcakes just really aren't all that great. It took me a while to sample all of them (because, really, I'd like my hips to not expand), but the cupcakes themselves were on the dry side and the icing so sweet, it made my sweet tooth hurt. Except for the icing on the chocolate cloud - it was blessedly lighter. That icing is the places only saving point.

                However, the other desserts there are lovely. The Blueberry cobbler comes to mind. And the coffee is quite nice. :)

              2. There are several very good places in Bay Ridge. Nouvelle for Asian food; Amelia's Ristorante for superb Italian, Banana Leaf for Malaysian, and there's an old fashioned soda fountain with great ice cream and sandwiches, I think it's called Hincsh's.

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                1. re: Claire

                  I love Hinsch's. It's a real throwback. Great burgers and awesome homemade ice cream. They close around 7 P.M. though. I also used to like this place Chianti on 3rd and 86th, I haven't been there for a few years though.

                  1. re: MrsT

                    Chianti is still there. Very charming staff. And Gnochetti to die for!

                2. Just had dinner at Saint Germain's on 83rd(?) and 3rd Ave, next to Amelia's. Fantastic. Had the duck with a lovely berry sauce and brown rice pilaf. The duck was wonderfully tender with a nice crust and the sauce, while obviously sweet, did not overpower the duck as sometime happens with game meat. The use of brown rice for the piliaf lent a nice nuttiness to the dish as well. The atmosphere was refreshingly casual (I went in with jeans). And for a single girl having dinner alone, the staff didn't make me feel like I was an oddball (as some places have done). The gentleman serving also seemed to be the owner, but that's my guess.

                  All in all, I found it charming. Made me wish I wasn't too full for dessert!