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Apr 17, 2003 11:17 PM

late-nite dining in Park Slope?

  • j

I am temporarily working nights, and when I get back to Park Slope I am totally hungry and craving sweets especially. Besides Blue Ribbon (which has, in my opinion, a disappointing dessert selection), what are some restaurants or diners that are open late in the neighborhood?

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  1. well, there's Bar B Q 6th ave (yes 6th) at 20th/21st street. great food, great beer, great atmosphere and they serve food til 11pm, then theres a great slice at joes pizza on 5th ave btwn 11th/12th streets, open til well after midnite every nite, then there is daisy's diner on 5th ave btwn 9/10 streets, open 24/7 the foods nothing more than decent in my opinion. would luv to see some more replies on this string, as i'm starving for late nite food, all too often and diner or a slice don't always cut it.

    1. If you're specifically looking for sweets, I imagine the two Tea Lounges are open late. One's on Union between 7th and 8th and the other on 7th ave around 12th, I think. They have pastries and the like.