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Apr 3, 2003 02:16 PM

Carib Rotis? Little Guyana? - S. Richmond Hill, Liberty Ave

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I visited the couple of blocks on Liberty spanning Lefferts when I recently went on a tour of Liberty Ave. Myra Alperson, the nosh lady, recommended either Hot & Spicy (120-23 Liberty) or Sandy's Roti (121-10 Liberty). I ate at Hot & Spicy and the roti was a revelation.

It was my first taste of Guyanan roti (which might be a misnomer). I have no idea if Trinidadian and other Caribbean roti's are similar. But the texture of the roti reminded me of Ethiopean injera as much as it relates to what is called roti in cuisines coming more directly from South Asia. And the size! I could not finish what is served as a single roti. I felt like I got roti for 3 along with my potato/chick pea serving for 1.

I am looking for comments both on Caribbean rotis (are they all basically similar?) and an update on places on Liberty Ave or elsewhere since most of the comments I found on Chowhound are 1+ years old.

Doing some search I find one place, Ali's on Fulton near Nostrand in Brooklyn that several people liked.

And several mentions of Guyana Roti House at 3021 Church Ave. in Brooklyn

Singh on Liberty and Andy's in Brooklyn:

There are other places mentioned in those message threads, so how about some updates and any comments suggestions for new places.

One little foot note, Fish World at 117-09 Liberty looks to be a distinctive fish market. Since I was at the beginning of a several hour tour I didn't get anything but wonder if anyone has shopped here and has any suggestions?


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  1. I just noticed that this recent thread about Trinidadian in Brooklyn has some good roti recommendations, so perhaps any replies here could focus on Guyana/Liberty Street and also comments on Caribbean roti in general: i.e. is it basically a single type of food with variations expected between different cooks or is there a difference between those based from Guyana or Trinidad, etc?




    1. Haven't tried the roti yet, but a friend and I have been doing very well at Cafe Dore on the Cobble Hill end of Smith (Jamaican). She always gets the shrimp with callaloo, which are mildly bitter greens served very spicy. I've liked the sauced oxtail and kingfish entrees. Decent house wine, homemade hot sauce on request, and the service is casual and friendly -- not hard since on weeknights there's usually just another couple there.


      1. Wow, this thread is ancient, but I just sampled the Roti in Little Guyana (Liberty Ave, right off Van Wyck Exit 4, near JFK).

        Best of the lot is Guyana's Brown Betty, a small, bare shop sandwiched between the two crowded neighborhood giants Sandy's and Singh's, but makes the best roti of all.

        This Guyanese and Trinidadian specialty is as flaky as phyllo but chewy as well. Indian restaurants offer nothing like it, nor any place in Manhattan, not even the Jamaican food trucks. I am Guyanese, but it's been a long time, and I'm on a quest for the taste and texture of my childhood.

        Trinidadian style (Singh's) isn't quite to my taste, but even I'll concede they have the best name for it "Buss Me Shot" or Buss De Shot." At Brown Betty, they call it "Oiled Roti," but it's a understated gem of a place.

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          interesting, ive always meant to get out there to go eat rotis but have never gotten around to it