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Mar 25, 2003 07:21 PM

Park Slope Burger?

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Can't make the trip to Lugers. Any recommendations?

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  1. Believe it or not, the Grand Canyon diner on 7th avenue makes a damn good burger!

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    1. re: wannabechef

      I've been avoiding the Grand Canyon for years. Tried their burgers once and that was enough. I forget exactly what was wrong, but have they improved? Can anyone corroborate this?

      1. re: Walnetto

        I can corroborate this. My wife and I were there last night and the burgers -- both beef and turkey -- were, surprisingly, very good. They are similar in style to hose at Paul's in the East Village and Jackason Hole.

        1. re: mimimi

          Can anyone comment on how the Park Slope Grand Canyon's Burgers compare to those at the Brooklyn Heights Grand Canyon?

          I ate a burger during my one and only trip to the Grand Canyon on Montague St. about 3 years ago and it was horrible enough to make me swear off the place permanently.

    2. I'd recommend the burgers at Bonnie's Grill on 5th Ave (near 4th St?). I recently ate at there to sample the wings, which were very good and very spicy. But the burger was the highlight of the meal.

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      1. re: Eric Eto

        >I'd recommend the burgers at Bonnie's Grill...

        Heartily seconded -- nothing else in the neighborhood even comes close.

        However, please note that if you're looking for a lunch burger (you mentioned that you can't make it to Luger, which only serves its burger at lunch), Bonnie's does not fit the bill -- they open at 5pm.

        -- Paul

      2. b

        When I need a burger fix in Park Slope I usually head to the 12th Street Bar and Grill. The burgers and fries are both delicious and serve as a good stand-in for the Old Town (where I ordinarily go in Manhattan to satisfy burger cravings).

        I've also heard good things about the burgers at Snooky's on 7th Ave but have never been.

        1. Snooky's all the way !

          1. The best burger in the slope in my opinion is at Bonnie's Grill on Fifth Avenue. Juicy, cooked to order (medium-rare actually means medium-rare) and the beer selection there is quite good also.

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            1. re: DeeDee

              bonnies is my fave. that sauce is killer. a close second is the brooklyn panini burger at bar toto. its a seasoned burger with carmelized onions and cheese panini style. a.mazing.