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Feb 5, 2003 09:12 PM

Where to buy small quantities of spices & seasonings

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Just getting interested doing more "home cooking" and need to buy lots of different spices and seasonings. All our local supermarkets carry quantities that are in excess of our needs and seem to be pretty pricey as well.

Are there any great places out there where you can buy good quality spices & seasonings in smaller quantities at equally good prices?


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    Tod Michaels

    Try Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, if it's still there (not sure, haven't been there in a while). But if they are still there, you're in for a treat. Focused mostly on mid-Eastern spices, but not solely.

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      1. re: pebbles

        Sahadi's has been there for 55 years now and, I assume, (they own the property and the [third generation] children are in the business) they will be there for at least 50 more.

        1. re: bobjbkln

          Number one, Sahadi's is great
          Number two, they are closed on Sundays.
          Number three, you have to take a ticket for scale service. If the line is really long, go down the block to another Middle Eastern market. I forget the name, but it's next door to Damascus, closer to Court Street than Sahadi's on the same side of the block. They are really nice in there and are smaller- can give you faster service. But Shahadi's is very nice, too. Wider selection.

          1. re: cypressstylepie

            Sahadi's is terrific. But while their spices are cheaper and fresher than a supermarket, they do not sell in smaller quantities.

            1. re: Alan Emdin

              Sahadi prices are much more reasonable than supermarket - their spices are fresh with good turnover - I have been successful in buying quite small quantities there, smaller than the prepared packets at Kalyustan or other indian spice stores. Worth a try, at any rate.

              1. re: Alan Emdin

                At Sahadi, you can buy any amount of the spices that you want -- that's why they have the scale.

                1. re: Abrocadabro

                  No, they have minimums. Perhaps either your orders have exceeded them or the counterman didn't bother to enforce them. But often they do.

                  1. re: Alan Emdin

                    Yes, but unless they changed policy recently, their minimums on herbs and ground spices is an ounce or two. I think that that there is a premium on smaller quantities (or a discount on larger quantities if your glass is half full ), but it's still a good deal.

      2. Try Penzy's spices. A mail order company and website. They small small quantities and have a really good variety

        1. If you are looking for a source of loose and fresh spices in Queens try Carmel on 108th Street in Forest Hills. They are a small store with a high turnover. Besides spices by the pound (I buy ultra small quantities of things like cardamon), they also sell a good variety of nuts, dried fruit and coffee. In fact they roast their own coffee and will grind to order.

          They also sell olives, bulgur and other goodies by the pound and have a huge variety of middle eastern and eastern European products from sweet to savoury.

          Trust me, you'll love the place. It is alot smaller than Sahadi's. There are many other stores along this vein in the Forest Hills -Rego Park area - but Carmel has the highest turnover and prices are very competitive.

          While you are on 108th Street check out Moysha and Mina's (I think that's the name) across the street for a great selection of Russian Deli Items. Also the two fruit stores on the 63rd street end of the strip (opposite end from Carmel) have very good prices on fruit and vegetables. It's interesting to see how they are marketing to their clientile - check out the refrigerated section and the myraid of Russian products.

          1. Also on Atlantic Ave, but several blocks away in the cluster of middle eastern shops between 3rd and 4th Aves, you could check out Fertile Crescent. The spices are in bins - choose whatever quantity you want. Open seven days until around 10 PM.