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Feb 4, 2003 11:09 PM

The Polish Place, Staten Island

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Hi everyone--
Ok, so I had heard about "The Polish Place," a Polish market/restaurant (on Corson, right near the ferry) that is awesome. I was in SI, and decided to check out this place, but when i went by all I could detect was a dirty old market store-front....Staten Island residents, tell me: is this the place, or am I missing something??? Fill me in! Thank you.
ps: SI has more charm than bklyn

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  1. b
    Bob Martinez

    "ps: SI has more charm than bklyn"

    Fresh Kills makes all the difference.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I must be the only real Staten Islander on this board, because otherwise I cannot BELIEVE the rest of you let this cheap shot slip through...

      And by the way, Mr. Martinez, welcome to the 21st century -- Fresh Kills has not been used as a garbage dump since March 2001! (It reopened temporarily after 9/11 as a repository and sorting site for World Trade Center debris.)

      Sheesh -- almost two years after the dump closed, and SI still has to take this kind of garbage from the rest of the city.

      1. re: Edie

        Thanks for explaining my joke to those who might not have picked it up. When you make statements like "S.I. has far more charm than Brooklyn" you open yourself up to a little gentle humor.

        I moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island in the 1980s and lived there for over 6 years so I guess I feel entitled to make comparisions. I've been back in Brooklyn for over 12 years.

        One of my main frustrations when living on S.I. (aside from the smell of the dump when the wind was out of the west) was a lack of good restaurants. I enjoyed the Brighton Lounge for red sauce Italian but that place closed in the early 1990s. R.J. Tuggs was fine for a mid range neighborhood place but you exhausted its possibilities pretty quickly. I had plenty of mediocre meals in other places but I was surprised that a borough where the income levels are reasonably high had so few good restaurants.

        Staten Island restaurants rarely show up on this board. I don't know if the situation has gotten better, but if it has can you list some restaurants that you would recommend?

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Well, okay, since you insist on being so darn civil about the whole thing... (no wonder you left Staten Island; rudeness is a requirement for living there!)

          Eating out is a little tough for me and my husband, since we're both on restricted diets (me: low sodium, him: gluten-free). But there actually are a few places on the Island that we like very much and patronize quite often.

          First and by far foremost: American Grill, 420 Forest Avenue, (718) 442-4742. As the name suggests, American-style cuisine: steaks, fresh fish, seafood, roast chicken, burgers, salads. You won't be disappointed, and you'll enjoy looking at all the Palm-style caricatures on the walls, even if you have no idea who the people are. Tell Pamela Silvestri (the owner) that Daniel (works for the Borough President, has friends in the Coast Guard) and Edie (the one with the sister who went to Bryn Mawr with Pamela) sent you.

          Other noteworthy spots:

          Adobe Blues, 63 Lafayette Ave., (718) 720-2583. Very good Mexican/Southwestern fare. Good, amusing decor; good ambiance. Don't be put off by the "iffy" neighborhood.

          Big Nose Kate's Saloon and Eatery, 2484 Arthur Kill Rd., (718) 227-3282. Burgers, steaks, fish, Mexican/Southwestern; big bar runs the length of the room; more of a "bar with food" setup.

          Killmeyer's, 4254 Arthur Kill Road, (718) 984-1202. German-style cuisine with accompanying decor.

          East Pacific, in the Staten Island Mall, (718) 370-1555. Pretty good Pan-Asian: Chinese, Japanese, sushi, Thai, etc. Very nice decor, service a little spotty.

          Hope one of these gives you a reason to venture back to the Island one of these days!

          1. re: Edie

            Thanks for the recommendations. I do find myself back on S.I. from time to time so I'll keep these places in mind.

            The one place on your list that I have visited was Killmayers. I went in the summer of 2001 and was disappointed with the food. The ambiance of the place was nice and the bar area was absolutely beautiful. After the meal we sat in the back garden and enjoyed a great blues band so overall the evening was enjoyable.

            If you really enjoy German food I can wholeheartly recommend Zum Stamtisch in Queens. See the Citysearch link below which also includes a map. The place has also been favorably mentioned many times on these boards.


    2. Here's a chowhoundpost from a few years ago about the place.

      Also, a more recent write-up in the Village Voice
      (scroll to bottom of the page)


      1. Posted on The Polish Place (19 Corson Avenue at Victory Blvd, Staten Island, (718) 442-8909, 5-10 minute walk from the ferry) on another thread, then searched and found this thread.

        The Polish Place added a restaurant sometime after the last messages were posted on this thread and the thread that's been linked to. It's a true "sit-down-and-get-waited-upon" restaurant, in the storefront right next to the original store.

        Authentic and very good Polish food, very reasonably priced (a filling lunch, main course w/sides maybe $8). Not 100% sure of the restaurant's hours, so if you're traveling maybe call before you go.

        1. There's another Polish restaurant, the Polish Bistro, over on Hylan near Clove. They have a deli also.

          I'm very pleased with the SI restaurants in my two years here, after 25 chowhoundish years in Brooklyn. I had an extremely good Korean dinner the other night at Sister's Barbecue, for example. Good Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, Sri Lankin, Albanian, Chinese, Pakistani (at a little steam table arrangement just down from where Richmond Road starts and which I presume serves the people who go to the mosque nearby. Food is like the Pakistani restaurants in Brooklyn where the F train emerges at Church Avenue.)

          But still Queens and Brooklyn definitely have more variety.

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          1. re: BMartin

            It may be pleasing, but they are very small that you can't even consider it a Restaurant, it is more like a Cafe...

            1. re: DontTryItX

              Cafe. small restaurant... A rose by any other...etc...
              What's the difference?

              1. re: Tay

                I agree, the problem isn't what Staten Island has, it's what people expect. How many SI chowhounds would be comfortable on Roosevelt Ave or hitting the Chinese spots in Sunset Park? Polish Place is awesome and I have not found anything better in Greenpoint.

                1. re: Flaco

                  I tend to think most people from other boroughs think of SI as having pizza and the occasional mediocre red sauce Italian restaurant. It's unfortunate since there are some really good, multi ethnic eateries on the Island. Oh well... More for us :-}

          2. The original comment has been removed