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Feb 3, 2003 09:52 AM

Sea Thai- Stay Far Away!! My long rant.

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Went out with a large group to Sea Thai in Williamsburg. The place is huge, with a pool and a huge dj booth, very trendy and quite gaudy. They dont take reservations and they told us the wait would be 20 minutes. We sat down more than an hour later. I usually don't mind service issues at restaurants if the food is good. Well I knew I was in for problems when I tried the bbq beef salad. Tough cheap tasting over cooked beef over soggy sweet greens. yuck. The satays were also made up this institutional tasting meat. In fact every dish was low quality and sickingly sweet. I ordered a whole fish that was sweeter than candy and soggy with almost no flesh. The red curry tasted more cherry sauce and the shrimp w/ glass noodles was an over cooked mess. The pad thai noodles were greasy lumpy and sweet. T"e pad prik mixed vegetaables were so sweet that they heart my throat. The servers also forgot to bring us dishes and even gave some of our orders to the table next to us.

Stay far away from this hell hole, sodom bt the sea in Williamsburg. I was shocked to find out that Thai people run this place. I struck up a few conversations with some servers who agrred with me that the food was Americanized shit and they admitted that the kitchen was pandering to western tastes. They too eat at Sripraphai. In this day in age, in one of the most sophisticated cities in the world one would think tastes and respect for cooking would be on a higher level mthan this. All I can say is this place makes Lemongrass look good.

A disgrace to Thai cuisine, one of the most sophisicated and lovely foods.

And Zagat gave this joint a 22!

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  1. The original SEA Thai - over in the East Village - is fairly good, if not very good, Americanized-Thai. Even Spice, over on University Place and 12th Street, is very good for the price. As for Williamsburg - it's essentially the Mall of America for wanna-be artists and trust-fund kids, so don't expect anything amazing. They've obviously spent more money turning it into a scene for the "bridge-and-tunnel" crowd (though I've noticed some Jersey plates along with the black cars going to the Upper East Side and other spots in Manhattan) then trying to turn out decent food. Though that's just turning into an off-topic rant about the demise of the "true" artist neighborhood.

    If you want serious food, stick to the places that are more concerned about what's on the plate than what's hanging from the ceiling.

    And what is it with everwhere on N. 6th Street having a pool/waterfall/body of water?

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      Well I think your being a little too hard on Williamsburg, which in my opinion has some of the best nightlife in nyc. Go to Black Betty on a friday night at 1am and you'll be transported to lower Manhattan when it was cool, many moons ago.

      Planet Thailand manages to be trendy yet they produce good spicy ordinary Thai Food, its not terribly authentic but its fresh and well spiced. This place was plain bad, wore than your average Chinese take out joint. shameful...

      1. re: josh L

        I have been a big fan of Black Betty, Pete's Candy Store, and Galapagos, but I haven't been to them in a couple of years. Though I did like some of the food over at Black Betty, and Pete's Candy Store used to make and amazing Atomic Fireball martini (not an actual martini, but the dolled-up version of today).

        As for Planet Thailand - I used to love it. But then it moved into that huge space and the food really suffered. The last time I went it was just plain horrible. Can;t figure out why they always have lines. (Well, I haven't been there in almost two years as well.)

        1. re: Lambretta76

          Can't agree more...I LOVED WB about 10 years ago, but now it just makes my teeth grind. It's so McEdgy.....

      2. re: Lambretta76

        did williamsburg really need another immense Thai restaurant?

        I wish a more interesting place had moved in there. I'll stick to Planeat Thai & Thai Cafe thanks.


      3. In my opinion, you can't really expect much out of a $4 salad.

        Sea is just okay, and should never be confused with a great dining experience. It's more fun than a 'joint' place, but the same quality and price as one. It's a place that you can go with a mess of friends of all incomes and no one feels bad and I have always had fun there. It is cheap as all hell and the quality is reflected in the price. Everytime I go there, we get a ton of food and drinks and it's never more than $35 a head.

        I still like Planet Thai, and Cafe Thailand (or is it Cafe Thai? - the one in Greenpoint) for tastier, more even, carefully attended food.

        I find much of the sauces way too sweet for my taste, but some have been okay, like the dark ocean thing and the beef curry. Desert's pretty bad - one time my friend's cheesecake was still ice frozen! Again, it was $3, so how much can you expect???

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        1. re: Sara Z

          Look it actually more expensive than Sripraphai, the best Thai in New York. The problem is the kitchens believes that there customers are ignorant and uninformed about decent food. They simply do not give a shit and they laugh at us while they eat the good stuff at Sripraphai,stay away!!

          1. re: josh L

            Apples and oranges - I don't think you can look at it that way. Sripraphai is fantastic, but it's a completetly different scene - and you have to realize that they also pay for for atmosphere and the price is deflected onto you (even if Sea is not my type of atmosphere). While the prices are comparable, you go to Srip. ONLY for the food and find a place to go afterwards b/c that's it. I just find the food better than 'shit' at Sea I suppose, but no where in the league of great nosh, and it should be considered for what it is - a 'trendy' little spot with okay food and a fun time. Like seeing a good serious movie vs a fun stupid one. Anyway, happy dining!

        2. Zagat gave the current Jackson Diner 24!. I wouldn't give it more than 19.

          1. I really like Sea, but not because its Thai food, but because I like their food, lol. When I want Thai, I dont go to sea, but when I want "sea-esque" food, I go to sea. Its good for what it is..its actually really good for what it is. My suspicion is that Sripraphai is the closest to authentic as it gets, but nothing in this country will be even be 90% real thai food..but my parents, who were born and raised in Bangladesh and can handle real spice, visited Thailand and could barely eat Thai food because it was THAT spicy. So lets be real people.

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            1. re: Msgurlygrl

              I dont get it - what do you mean, its really good for what it is? what is it? the consensus seems to be its not really thai, so what then?

            2. its good food, but its not real thai food. Its americanized asian fusion, whatever, I cant really label it. Whenever Im craving food from Sea, I say "man I really want some sea right now"