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Jan 27, 2003 12:27 PM

Dazie's Restaurant

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Ate recently at Dazie's Restaurant on Queens Blvd. Sunnyside. This is without doubt the most pompous restaurant in New York. A mediocre restaurant in Queens with a bad Manhattan attitude.

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  1. gee, I like the place. it is probably the most expensive restaurant in sunnyside, although the new sidetracks is right up there. Their wines have the year listed, which is rare in sunnyside, and recently they seem to have added some apetizers which are pretty as well as good. Not many of the younger or bohemian set there, but the place is always filled with people who like good service and good food. i did not find it pretentious. nice piano on the weekends, valet parking, great bartender. The owner greets people like long lost pals. I love the calimari. an institution in sunnyside...

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      The bar is one of the only places to get a real cocktail in the neighborhood full of Irish bars. And the piano player (certain nights only) is a nice touch. I don't eat there often -- it's pricey -- but every meal I've had there has been just fine, and the service attentive.

      1. re: Up With Olives

        i think the service is great and i love the bar, however, my last 2 meals in there were bad.
        i've been told stick to the seems a lot of the regular dishes are nuked!

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          Just to update, it seems they no longer employ bartenders who can mix a cocktail.

      2. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I met a friend here for lunch yesterday because the location was convenient, and ate the best restaurant salad I've been served in ages, a beautifully-presented platter of arugula, shaved fennel, parmesan, orange supremes and toasted almonds. With a nice piece of grilled snapper, it made a fantastic and expensive lunch. The service was charming, and the proprietress, Lilly, pushed on-the-house after-lunch drinks on us and told us the story of the place, which she has owned for 42 years, if I got that right. It's "Dazie's" because it was "Mazie's" when she bought it (she was a former employee), and only had the money to change one letter on the sign. I wouldn't argue with anyone who said it was expensive, definitely Manhattan prices, but I found the service and general care with both the food and the customers to be first-rate.