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Jan 9, 2003 06:32 PM

Is there a general rule for delivery limits in Brooklyn?

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Any idea of the general limit for delivery in Brooklyn? I live in an underserved area and it's hard to get delivery so I'm wondering how far afield I can look for places to deliver to me. On a side note, does anyone have recommendations for places that you think might deliver to Nostrand and Atlantic? Anything besides West Indian food which I can get just falling out of bed!

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  1. No "general rule"--the places delivering by car will come farther, obviously, but there's no way to know which is which from looking at the menu. But do look around for menus. I was surprised to find a menu from a promising-looking vegetarian restaurant at the Junction leave its menu in my Park Slope building, and sure enough they were willing to deliver.

    1. The general rule is that 98% of deliveries are done by bike. If you take that into account you may understand why it is difficult to get deliveries in some "up-in-coming" areas. I live in Crown Heights, believe me, I feel your pain.