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Dec 17, 2002 10:08 AM

Knife Sharpening In Brooklyn

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I saw this thread on the manhattan board and immediately realized I need to get my knives sharpened. Anyone know a good place for knife sharpening in the Park Slope/Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill area?

  1. This won't be much of a help, but it could be interesting for the future. There's a guy who drives around Park Slope, and I'm sure other areas, in his truck in the summer - August is when I've seen him - ringing a bell and sharpening knives instead of selling ice cream. It's really pretty comical to hear the bell and see everyone drop what they're doing (ah, gossiping on the front stoop?) run into the house and return with a big bunch of kitchen knives.

    Other than that, no can help....

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        beware the mobile knife destroyer! go to cooks companion or purchase the Chef's Choice sharpener and do it yerself.

        1. re: josh

          that's the guy in the post below. Is he really bad? I'm certainly no expert, but the knives that I had him do seem to have stayed reasonably sharp....

          1. re: bigskulls

            I have used the mobile guy quite a number of times over the years, but not any longer. there is no question, he does grind the knives down more than necessary - and I havent liked his work on scissors or my lawmower. I like my chef's choice just fine and I dont go out when his bell rings anymore, though the idea of his service appeals.

            1. re: jen kalb

              he sharpened one of our knives until it was concave (or is that convex?). In any case, it rendered said knife unable to perform the standard swivel slicing motion, which sucked considering it was one of those expensive German blades. It was sharp though.

          2. re: josh
            Brooklyn Heights Resident

            I Agree - I wish I had seen your comment before I dashed out to Bob's Grinding Service - truck with clanging bell came down my street in Brooklyn Heights. After the sharpening, I saw that my hundred-dollar Zwilling Henckels knife has a discolored tip which means that the knife tip was too long on the grinding wheel, got too hot, and now that metal is changed in composition, weaker, easy to break. Also, the sharpening went too far down toward the handle and is a bit chipped near the handle. You would think these guys would know what they are doing after all of these years. I guess they are better for gardening shears and scissors.

            1. re: josh

              I agree. The concept is whimsical. The result is far from it. He didn't seem to ruin my knives, but didn't really sharpen them, either. FWIW, I'm not too impressed with A Cook's Companion, either. I usually shlep to the place in manhattan in the 30s that everyone goes to. I recently took them to Sur La Table in SOHO, they were having a free knife sharpening event, you had to leave them behind. They did a good job, so if they do it regularly, I'd recommend it.

          3. A Cook's Companion, the lovely cookware store on Atlantic Avenue near Clinton (152 Atlantic; 718 852-6901) offers knife-sharpening. They are extremely reputable and will treat your knives with love and respect.

            Or, order Morty the Knife Man's 1-2-3 knife sharpener from Chowmarket. Or, if you have a car, pay Morty a visit on Manor Haven Blvd. in Port Washington.

            1. I can recommend *against* the place on Atlantic Ave between 3rd and 4th which also sells shoes (yeah, that should be a sufficient giveaway). In the end they put sharp edges on my knives, but massacred them cosmetically in the process.


              1. I just had mine sharpened by the guy in the truck - "Bob's Grinding Service". As far as I can tell, he did a really good job - they're sharper than they've been in a long time. Three Wusthof came out looking and slicing very nice(ly). $25 for three chef's knives and a paring knife. I'm not sure if that's a good deal or not, but it certainly was convenient.

                1. The guy in the truck just about ruined my set of Wusthof knives. Ground them down way too far and it's only the first time I've had them sharpened. Never again.