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Dec 3, 2002 04:03 PM

Ft. Greene: New Orleans restaurant

  • j

Has anyone been to the Restaurant New Orleans on DeKalb Ave/South Portland? I've been there several times now and have fallen in love with it. The menu is limited (classic dishes: gumbo, etoufee, etc.) and the service is sometimes slow, but in a relaxed manner. You almost feel like you are down south. Not to mention the French Quarter decor and cozy gas fireplace.

The food is very fresh and feels like home-cooking. The bourbon rice is fantastic. Also, the prices are very reasonable and entrees come with a free glass of wine. However, wine snobs might want to BYOB.

I'm curious to hear other opinions--I really feel like it's overlooked in the neighborhood.

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  1. I was there over a year ago and did not really like it. The service was very slow and the entrees were in small portions. But that was awhile ago so it is very possible that they have improved.

    1. I waited there over two hours for a chicken entree. Eventually half my party had to leave. It was the slowest service I've ever experienced, hands down (kitchen's fault; not the waitress). We were the only party in there. Twilight Zone. Although I live a block away, I've never been back. But here's the best part: the chicken was delicious.