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Dec 3, 2002 01:39 PM

Istria Sport Club

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The NYTimes had an article on this Bronx eatery a few months ago. I'm preparing for my semi annual trip to the city and am considering going there. Anybody been there recently? I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks.

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  1. The Istria Sport Club is in Astoria, Queens. I hear that the Rudar Social Club (also featured in the NY Times article) is better, but I haven't had the chance to visit either yet.

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      I have gone to the Rudar Social Club a couple of times and the food has been consistently good and the people very friendly. I am Asian and I saw a whole table of an Asian family there also; seemed to be regulars. The only problem was once the kitchen was very slow, but it was worth the wait. Very excellent fish. Nice place. It's downstairs and gives the feeling of walking into a speakeasy, kinda fun feeling. It's the kind of "neighborhood find". I have recommended it to a few of my neighbors.
      On the other hand, the Istria Sport Club is NOT sporting at all. An Italian friend took me there because we read in the NY Times that even Lydia Bastianich eats there. Wow,no need for air conditioning with that waiter's reception - it was " What do you want?...Specials? you have it all on the menu!" The fried calamari was cold, "old" fishy smelling and the waiter did not bother to bring the sauce until I asked. The sauce was good though. My friend had gnocci- it was OK. You know how they always ask if you want coffee or dessert, not a peep, they wanted us out. Seeing how they greeted the other incoming couples, it was definitely us, "personna non grata". Next time I will bypass this joint and go right across the street to the BZ-Grill for really great gyro and friendly faces.