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Nov 24, 2002 01:54 PM

Best Wine Shop in Brooklyn

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I was wondering if any wine enthusiasts could help me find a good wine shop with a large selection. I know of one in Bay Ridge, Hendricks, on Third Avenue that is pretty good, but was looking for some others as well.

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  1. My personal favorites are Prospect Wine Shop on 7th Ave nr 8th St in the Slope and Chateau Wine and Spirits on Atlantic Avenue nr Hicks. Both have knowledgeable staff and offer sound personal advice, the second has many standard brands and liquor as well as tasted wine selections; Prospect Wine has a more tightly edited and highly interesting stock - very little liquor.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      What Jen called "Chateau Wines" is actually named "Heights Chateau." More importantly, it is located between Clinton and Henry Streets, on Atlantic Avenue.

      1. re: Alan Emdin

        I also like Heights Chateau. I started buying there when some good friends lived nearby, but sometimes I still come over from Jersey City, even tho my friends now live in Jersey!

        Great selection, great prices, great customer service.

      2. re: jen kalb

        Let me add my vote for Heights Chateau. Stock is deep and wide, and the staff is very knowledgable. Matthew, Rick and Judy, in particular, are very experienced and helpful.

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          I'll second the vote for Prospect. Not necessarily my favorite but I've noticed recently a more interesting selection - definitely worth checking out. Red White & Bubbly is also great, thanks to the owner's great knowledge of wine.

          1. re: Bookistan

            Im still strong on Prospect not sure Id recommend Heights Chateau to the same degree as in 2002. In my last forays the selections were not as tasty and the bar has been raised by new entrants and stronger competitors. Tho its been a couple years since Ive been back.

        2. I also like Big Nose, Full Body, on Seventh Avenue around 11th Street or 12th Street--good selection, extremely friendly and helpful staff(the owners are Canadian, so that's not surprising).

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          1. re: psistrom

            Canadian, eh? Yes, that would explain it.

          2. I would highly recommend Heights Chateau on Atlantic Avenue. Excellent range of wines, champagnes and liquors and friendly,knowledgable service.

            1. i live near a really large discount wine shop on Meeker Ave. in Greenpoint. i believe it's just called discount wine and liquors. it's on meeker and humbolt (near the BQE exit). or take the L to graham and walk northeast. i can always find a great selection of $8-12 bottles of shiraz.

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              1. re: stu
                Siergiej Sieriozka

                It's called BQE Wine&Liquors :)

              2. Red White and Bubbly on 5th Avenue and Union Street in Park Slope. It's run by a sommelier, the staff is always helpful & very knowledgable, their prices are reasonable, AND they have free wine tastings every Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

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                1. re: Stephanie L.

                  And not just by any sommelier...Darrin Siegfried (who is also the owner) is the past President of the Sommelier Society of America as well as the Education Director, and he wrote the curriculum for their Wine Captains Course.

                  The shop is great, and Darrin is as nice and helpful as can be. Prices are quite reasonable, too. He's fantastic at recommending wine/food pairings, too.

                  1. re: Nina

                    I'm a wine moron, and the people in this store are gracious and helpful, always. Oops, I didn't notice how old this post is...but still.