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Oct 17, 2002 07:06 PM

beer delivery?

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Does anyone know of a liquor store/beer distro that will deliver kegs to the Park Slope area? The Brooklyn Brewery used to, but they don't seem to anymore and I need to find a substitute.

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  1. Beer:

    Thrifty American, 256 Court Street
    Tel: 718-875-0226

    OR Cobble Heights Beverage
    216 Pacific Street

    Most liquor stores in Brooklyn will deliver. Probably some in downtown Manhattan like Astor Wines and Liquors and Warehouse Liquors will also deliver to Brooklyn once or twice a week.

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      Thrifty is a great store, nice people, honest and friendly. Used the mfor my wedding, we did cases not kegs.

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      1. Trust me. This is what you want. I have been using them for years.

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