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Sep 24, 2002 04:04 PM

Great Staten Island Pizza

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I'm sure this comes as no surprise to Staten Islanders, but this Brooklynite is thrilled to have made her way to Denino's on Port Richmond Avenue twice in the last 10 days.

The first time, I ordered a sauage pie and found that the cheese, while obviously of high quality, overwhelmed the thin-yet-hearty crust, fresh-tasting sauce, and exemplary sausage. The next time, I ordered a sausage pie, "light on the cheese," and was rewarded with one of the best none-brick-oven pizzas I've ever had. Really, the crust is so good I'd happily eat it plain.

My first visit to Denino's followed a visit to a relative convalescing in Staten Island; the second on my way home across the Island from points south. But I would certainly now make the trip there for the express purpose of eating pizza.

Denino's is at 524 Port Richmond Avenue between Walker and Hooker and is under five minutes from 440. Phone: 718-442-9401.

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  1. Denino's has an expensive pie (medium size). They are cheap on the cheese and toppings. I am forced to go because soma of my misguided family likes it. Also, some don't like it.
    I like Gino's on Forest Avenue much better. They have great pizza and also a brick oven if you like that type of pie.

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      Well, since it's here, I'll put in my $.02 about Staten Island Pizza--

      Have been to Denino's 1ce or 2ce and found it fair-to-middlin'. The place to go is Joe and Pat's on Victory Blvd in Castleton Corners, near the manor Road intersection. Amazing thin crispy crust, fresh mozzarella, and a terrifically tasty tomato sauce. Our impression is that family members work there--there are always about a dozen young people behind the counter, ready to serve you...

    2. I too love Deninos. Amazing crust. Great sauce. I've often come up with an excuse to visit Staten Island (Chinese Scholars' Garden at Snug Harbor, hiking at Clay Pit Ponds State Park...) just so I could cap it off w/a pizza at Deninos. I've never tried any toppings. Does anybody know if there is a vegetable topping that they do well there?

      I personally prefer Deninos to Joe and Pats. Mostly, it's the pizza, but partly,I have to admit, it's the prefab suburban ambiance at Joe and Pats.

      p.s. Just noticed that the original post here is years old. But I guess it doesn't matter. I think Deninos is probably almost exactly the same today as it was in 2002!

      1. Hi, Erica. I fall in the Joe and Pat's camp. The decor is very suburban and characterless, I agree, but the pizza has become my favorite pie in the whole city. Whisper-thin crust, high-quality sauce and cheese. And unlike most thin-crust pies (the late lamented Lento's comes to mind), this one retains its heat instead of going cold while you're halfway through your second slice. Highly, highly recommended.

        Joe & Pat's
        758 Victory Boulevard, near Manor Road