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Aug 26, 2002 06:14 PM

Rug-B on Cortelyou in Flatbush

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Has anyone tried the new moderate/upscale looking Carribean place on Cortelyou between Rugby and Argyle called "Rug-B"? Looks very good from the menu and the "hip" crowd. Even without trying it I can easily say it is the best sit-down restaurant in the Ditmas Park/Flatbush area, and it has been so sorely needed for years. I mean, what's the competition? George's?

A few months ago there was a discussion of the Kittitian Cafe take-out place also on Cortelyou. Rug-B is an entirely different place. It's right next to the "tot lot" playground.

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  1. Yes, I tried it. It was a mixed bag. The shrimp cocktail was really great, and I liked the curried chicken roti ok. I can't recall the other entrees my friends had - I don't think they made much of an impression. Overall, I'd say it was good if you're in the neighborhood, but not worth a special trip. It's a bit pricey, too.

    1. Based on one visit, I'd say it's good, but a little amateurish. I'm planning to patronize it until they get it right, because it's so fabulous to have a place like it in the neighborhood!! When my husband, son, and I went, I had the stew chicken and hit was decent. My husband had some grilled scallops that were tasty but a cold.(It was one of those dishes that had to be timed perfectly, and it wasn't.) My 3-year-old son had some fried shrimp that he and I liked. Everybody was very friendly. There was even inter-table chatting about what a great thing it is to have a restaurant in the nabe. I hope the place makes it. I hear that another restaurant is coming soon -- to the former bar on Marlborough and Cortelyou.

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        What are the prices like? Is it only open for dinner?

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          It is open only for dinner. I think the prices are fairly cheap -- the average entree is around $10.