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Aug 22, 2002 11:39 AM

Recommendations for tonight in Queens

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Need good recommendations for this evening. Good food and ambiance in Queens. anywhere in Queens. Just great food and nice atmosphere. For 3 women, early thirties.

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  1. Without knowing more, I'll resort to recommending my favorite restaurant in Queens to please as many people as possible without upsetting anyone. That description should immediately say Italian, the food that almost everyone is wiliing to eat. Anyway, Trattoria L'Incontro, very good food, fantastic service, reasonable prices and a good atmosphere. If anything is not perfect, it has at times been a tad noisy. This is where I take family when they visit, where I've gone with a date and where I have taken one business associate. I might be able to find someplace better for a date or business dinner, but it worked just fine. It's just past the last stop on the N train. If leave the platform on the West side, take a right and it is in the next block.

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      We walked by the other day and they are closed for vacation. If you decide to follow this recommendation, you might call first to check. We've eaten here and been bothered by the noise but thought the food was pretty good, but not great.

      I would recommend Manducati's for really good Italian home cooking. Atmosphere is pretty nice and usually the service is good but can be spotty sometimes.

    2. I recommend Arunee Thai (37-68 79th St
      Flushing, NY 11372-6750) -- not amazing ambience, but it's clean enough, and user friendly. And the Thai food is spectacular (and cheap).
      And I'm going there for dinner tonight too!

      1. Nazar Turkish on queens blvd in Sunnyside.