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Aug 11, 2002 11:37 AM

lechon to go

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i'm looking for a bakery/restaurant that does lechon for parties, i used to know some in jackson heights but have been out of touch.. any recommendations would be appreciated. thanks av

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  1. j
    john pressman

    Just go to Roosevelt Ave and 70th. Whole block there is composed of Filipino restaurants and stores. Ihawan (where the Chowhounds had their get-together) is just off Roosevelt on 70th. I am sure they or someone else in the hood can accomodate you.

    1. planning to pick up a few pounds of lechon (extra skin please!) for this weekend; any particular recs or should I just stick with ihawan? I've seen krystal's selling it by the pound on the counter; anyone else have good recs? that should be the best for a potluck right? because the other fried pork stuff needs to be eaten fresh, but lechon can sit.

      1. Cindee's in Jamaica does Filipino catering. El Bohio on 5 ave in Brooklyn is a specialist in lechon. There is Lechon Ecuatoriano on Roosevelt Ave. also.

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        1. re: MahatmaKanejeeves

          ecuadorian huh? I guess it is all pretty much the same but I do like the filipino one, esp. with the liver sauce. jheights area would be great or even closer to sunnyside; wonder if tito rad's does lechon in house?

          1. re: bigjeff

            hornado ecuatoriano does a greeeaaat lechon. and if you walk past the kitchen, yuo will probably see the pig.

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              ya I might pick up from two places: fritzie's is the new bake shop and they have lechon by the pound so I'll get theirs for the filipino version, and then pick up from hornado for the ecuadorian and do a fatty faceoff between the two. I had a couple of platters before at hornado; it was pretty good but unfortunately, not excellent; if i focus on lechon, that might be the way to go but damn, that reminds me of having a whole roast pig on a hilltop in quito at some rich fool's house . . . . damn that was good.

            2. re: bigjeff

              The ecuadorian carts on Warren St. (Junction Blvd station) are pretty good also. They will cut off large hunks of meat and skin. The pig's head is on display for atmosphere. They might even cut off an ear for you.