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Aug 6, 2002 05:21 PM

brunch in williamsburg

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Where should I go for brunch in the burg? I have been to hte grey parrot, the L, teddy's, and I am not yet satisfied with my search for my favorite meal. Ideas?

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  1. I would suggest trying Relish (on Wythe Avenue). They used to have a good brunch with excellent bloody mary's.

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    1. re: DeeDee

      Thanks guys. But why oh why are there no good eggs in such a brunch-friendly place? Its not like williamsburg hipsters get up on the weekends before 2!

      1. re: Eve
        Phil DePaolo

        Hi Chowhounds,
        Try Dumont on Union Off Metropolitan Ave.
        Great Brunch and they have eggs. Yum!


    2. try oznot's on N 9th and berry.

      not your standard brunch, but excellent and interesting.