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Jul 2, 2002 02:24 PM

ceviche in Brooklyn

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I'm looking for places in Brooklyn that serve great ceviche--price and location are no object. Any recommendations?

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  1. Coco Roco in Park Slope has good ceviche

    1. I think the ceviche at El Conquistador on 5th Ave and 8th St is great. It's a different style than I'm used to, with a dark broth. One caveat: I've had the ceviche there four times, and once, it was bad. I think there was a different cook that night, because everything was off. Unfortunately, I don't remember the night.

      1. The ceviche at Mancora is very good. They have a restaurant in Brooklyn and also one near Astor Place in Manhattan.

        1. The ceviche at the Red Hook Ballfields. Mmm...

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            Say it loud, say it proud! Ballfields!

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              As of summer 2009 there are two places serving Ceviches at the Red Hook ballfields. I much prefer the ceviche from what has in recent weeks been the last stand on the strip, really just a hot dog style cart, the vendor closest to the BQE. The woman there also serves "Chilean" empanadas and I assume her ceviche is in the Chilean style. Hers is super delicious, whether it is all shrimp, "mixto," which includes octopus, fish and shrimp, or all fish. The broth is milky and not overly tart and limey, as in, my girlfriend and I think, a splash of coconut. Next time I'll ask. (There's plenty of lime, but whatever other ingredients are added after the fish is "cooked" take the really acid zing off the broth, and I generally gulp down every last drop). She serves the inflated corn kernels on the side, and killer hot sauce. I'm not sure I've found a better ceviche in Brooklyn.

            2. Couldn't agree more about the ceviche at the Red Hook ball fields! It's awesome. And the last cart toward the bqe is definitely the way to go (though frankly I haven't tried any of the others--haven't wanted to). Delicious!