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Jun 21, 2002 10:48 AM

WIN DEPOT Restaurant Equipment Center

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42-38 Northern Blvd.
LIC NY 11101

I was like a kid in the worlds biggest candy store in this 100,000 square foot kitchen supply superstore. It's like the Zabar's mezzanine expanded to fit into a Wal-Mart. Although the majority of their business must be devoted to professional kitchens, there's plenty of cool stuff for the home cook to buy. Pizza peels, sushi knives, plastic buckets for flour, any sort of baking or cake decorating implement you could imagine. It just goes on and on. Upstairs, I drooled over professional grills, broilers, pizza ovens, standing mixers, figuratively speaking or course. Now I know where to get a fake-butter dispenser, just like in the movies, or one of those big contraptions with rollers that cooks and rolls hot dogs at the same time.

They just opened this month and have various sales, special deals, and sweepstakes going on.

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  1. You really expect us to believe that the drooling was figurative?

    1. Any idea what the closest train is? This place could be real dangerous in its proximity to me.

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      1. re: Abbylovi
        david sprague

        it's not too far from the 46th street stop on the G/V/R....and yes, it is quite a temptation...if i were car-equipped, it would be a lot worse, of course!

        1. re: Abbylovi

          It's also not a bad walk from the 40th or 46th St. stop on the 7 train. Just walk north on 43rd St. (towards Northern Blvd), and it's about 3 long blocks, just past the LIRR overpass.

          1. re: Tom Meg

            It's an easy walk from the Steinway stop on the R (or V or G) line in Queens. This is probably the closest subway stop to Win Depot. Sit near the middle of the train, walk up the stairs near the middle, head for the Steinway St. 34th Ave. exits, then go down Steinway to Northen Blvd.

            The 36th St. stop and 46th St. stop could work also.

        2. r
          Richard Halpern

          I know this is an old thread but I happened into Win Depot for the first time recently. It is indeed a huge store with loads of kitchen supplies. Well worth a visit if you're into professional kitchen items. Almost got a cow bell (like in a diner when the food is ready) but then gained my composure and left with some oval stainless steel platters for $5 each.