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Jun 20, 2002 08:23 AM

preliminary report - pressed sandwich place on 5th

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Went to the new wine bar/pressed sandwich place on 5th Ave. between Union - Berkeley in the Slope. They are woefully inexperienced and unorganized. Took forever to get my sandwiches, the staff and owners couldn't stop arguing about every little thing, they screwed up the check, etc. Granted, they've only been open since Monday, so hopefully it'll get better. They were very apologetic.

About the sandwiches - not bad, not good. Nothing terribly interesting about them - hopefully they'll get their act together. They do have some decent wines by the glass, and I had a Magic Hat on tap - the beer selection is good, albeit small.

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  1. Thanks for the report--didn't know it was open yet. I think I'll give them a little more time to themselves organized. As for the quality, I'm not expecting a lot--decent would fit the bill for me.

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    1. re: Stephanie L.

      i went last night and i liked it. the sandwich was good - fresh veggies, just enough cheese (i hate the smothering grease that most places call cheese!) had a decent glass of red, husband had beer. good music, relaxed. give 'em a break - they just opened! btw, i think 5th ave needs more places like that - less expensive, less attitude. i hope they stick around.

      1. re: Mimi

        Hey, I hope they stick around too. I also hope the food improves and they get their act together.

        1. re: Nina

          Really, though, for the price, what exactly are you expecting? I mean it's good. Period. It's not phenomenal, but I can't personally expect the phenomenal in a $5 sandwich! Cripes, you pay more than that for a sloppy heap from a deli!

          1. re: Mimi

            Bad argument, in my opinion. There are tons and tons of truly great food in this town for very very cheap. Even in our 'hood.

            1. re: Nina

              For someone who has cheered places like city Sub, where you get boars head quality and twenty minute waits I'm surprised your so quick to slam a creative new business. They are exactly what the area needs and berating the place after having to wait a few extra minutes for service is unfair. GIVE THE PLACE A CHANCE!! And I think there menu is rather interesting. What exactly are expecting, foie gras for five bucks, lespinase for less?

              Press seems to be a cool laid back establishment and they seem to be serious about food and forward thinking. We need more places like that in the Slope!!!

              1. re: josh L.

                Just because a place is cheap doesn't mean it can't be amazing. Who wants to eat sort of mediocre food just because it's cheap? 'ino, in the West Village, has a similar pricing structure, but the food there is wonderful. Sure, we can let them work out the kinks and see if it gets better, but why give a place extra slack because they're trying to be creative but fail?

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  I think that if a place is good and adds variety to its neighborhood, it should be valued for what it is rather than criticized for not being amazing. And if it is trying for something more but not there yet, it should certainly be cut some slack in hopes it will succeed.

                  1. re: Alan Emdin

                    Not one single post, of anyone's, that's been in any way critical of this place, has failed to mention that they're new, that they deserve a chance, etc., that things may improve, etc.

                    1. re: Nina

                      I was responding to Peter Cuce's post.

                      1. re: Alan Emdin

                        I know Alan, I was just pointing it out.

                  2. re: Peter Cuce

                    It may never be Ino but its sill maybe the best or second best place for sandwiches in the slope.

                    1. re: josh L.

                      Josh, please name your favorite sandwich places in the Slope.

                      1. re: Nina

                        I really don't have one- maybe A&S but I'm not a huge fan of them either. I do have faith in Press bec/ they seem to care about food and they might just be successful. I believe if you truly want a spectacular sandwich one must travel to:

                        Corona Heights Pork Store
                        Cono Pescatore
                        Mike's in the Bronx
                        Second Ave Deli
                        David's House of Brisket

                        1. re: josh L.

                          Okay, but that's not what I asked you.

                          " It may never be Ino but its sill maybe the best or second best place for sandwiches in the slope. "

                          So what's the best? And what's the second, third, fourth, etc?

                          1. re: Nina

                            The best sandwich in the Slope hands down is the one made by me when I shop at the Corona Heights Pork Store!!!

                            The Cuban at Castillo De Jagua might be the second best.

                            I wish there were enough sandwiches in the Slope to list but I am not really inpressed by most. Can you compile a list? I'd be interested in seeing it.

                            1. re: Josh L.

                              I was just curious why you said that the new place is the best or second best sandwich place in the Slope - a statement which seems to based on absolutely nothing.

                              Personally, my favorite is A&S, and Russo's is pretty good, too.

                              1. re: Nina

                                Pollios, an old school Italian deli at 5th Avenue between 6th and 7th street, has been a favorite of mine for a number of years.

          2. re: Mimi

            For what it's worth, my wife was there yesterday and she also liked it just fine. She thought it was a viable option for future eating.

        2. j

          Are they open for lunch? I work at home and I'm getting sick of the paucity of interesting lunch options here...

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          1. re: JessicaSophia

            I think they are open for lunch, although I haven't been around at all during the days since they opened, so you should check...

          2. j

            I stopped by around 3 to pick up a menu and they were open. The proprietor of Red White and Bubbly was hanging out with them-- is he affiliated somehow?

            The menu looks pretty yummy. I was intrigued by the portabella and goat cheese sandwich, and also by the grilled apple press with yogurt cheese and honey. I love the emphasis on local and special ingredients.

            I'm going to check it out maybe tomorrow or next week...

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            1. re: JessicaSophia

              Nope, Darrin, the Red White & Bubbly guy, is not affiliated.

            2. Why such negativity for just one visit? Would you rather have another boring Starbucks or McDonald's instead? Why go on a widely-read website like this one before giving the place one more chance.

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              1. re: Josephine

                Because the whole POINT of this site is to try food, new places, and old places, and report on our SUBJECTIVE experiences.

                And besides, what was so negative? It was truthful. They were unorganized, and my OPINION was that the sandwiches were nothing special. Did you notice that I mentioned TWICE that they were new and that hopefully things would improve?

                Of course I'll go back and try it again. And again, I will give MY opinion of MY experience. That's what we all do here, over and over again.

                1. re: Nina

                  Sorry Nina - here's why you came off sounding so negative and cranky:

                  "They are woefully inexperienced and unorganized. Took forever to get my sandwiches, the staff and owners couldn't stop arguing about every little thing...About the sandwiches - not bad, not good. Nothing terribly interesting about them - hopefully they'll get their act together. They do have some decent wines by the glass, and I had a Magic Hat on tap"

                  And you couldn't even remember that Magic Hat was served in a bottle; not tap. Now if you go turning off people with your one-time visit/review, how will they 'get their act' together? Not thanks to you, capeesh?

                  1. re: Josephine
                    Nina Wugmeister

                    People are welcome to do whatever they wish. That's the POINT OF THIS BOARD, to give an opinion- as a matter of fact ALL opinion are subjective. And forgetting that a particular beer is bottled is "negative?" That error was corrected in a post long ago. My post wasn't "negative" - it was TRUTHFUL, based on my experience. Should we all just post wonderful positive things here and never be critical? Why would anyone be interested, in that case?

                    1. re: Nina Wugmeister

                      I've been following this thread and have read you posts, both the OP and those following. Perhaps I'm biased b/c I tend to write in the same style but I honestly don't find anything you've written to be mean spirited or unkind. I actualy thought your OP to be cautiously optimistic. It's clear to me that you're hopeful the place will improve and thrive.
                      I really don't get all the negative vibes. You reported/reviewed your experience. I found it to be informative and well written. :-}

              2. So it's been six years. Whatever happened to the place? Did they make it?

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                1. re: ChrissieH

                  Press 195 did survive. I never got very enthusiastic about it, but clearly they are doing something decent to survive this long. When I lived a block a way it seemed to always do a decent business and I believe it has outdoor space in back?

                  I didn't realize there was a time when the moderators engaged posters like that - cool. I'm not as partial to the silent modding that goes on these days.

                  1. re: dark knight

                    Thanks, DK. I might be moving to the Slope and am looking for a few local eateries that are good, quick and cheap.