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Apr 22, 2003 01:07 PM

Sonoma Restaurant Recommendations

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My wife and I will spend two nights in the town of Sonoma in late May. Any recommendations for somewhat-reasonably-priced, outlandishly good restaurants nearby? Thanks much, Trakl

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  1. We had a run down on this question just recently.


    1. And here's a link to a discussion of restaurants in the town of Sonoma itself:


      1. I love the General's Daughter and Girl and the Fig.

        1. I know this post is outdated... anyone have any links to a recent thread, or suggestions? I am looking for the exact same thing, I'll be there next week!

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Thanks, Robert! I must have spelled it wrong in my search, because I clearly missed ALL of that! :) I am thinking of the Girl and the Fig and LaSalette Restaurants.

              1. re: belev

                If you have a car, Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen (about 10 minutes outside of Sonoma) is less expensive and a little more casual than its sibling Girl and the Fig.

                1. re: belev

                  Had a very nice lunch at LaSalette last week -- sat inside because it was so breezy -- cozy room, great service -- cod cakes were outstanding!

            2. I had a great lunch recently at the Fremont Diner. Fun, funky place with great diner-style food.