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Apr 23, 2002 11:02 AM

Birthday dinner ideas needed

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My 33rd birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm trying to decide on a place for dinner and drinks (in two separate places). I would like to go out in Brooklyn (would prefer to stick to Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope or Williamsburg) but have gone to many of the usual suspects such as The Grocery, La Brunette, Blue Ribbon, etc. Can anyone suggest somewhere interesting for a dinner (it doesn't have to be fancy) that has a good number of fish and veggie options?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Rosewater for dinner? Not a terribly exotic suggestion, but it does fit your geographic parameters. My husband and I had dinner there on Monday and we really loved it. The menu was spring oriented and everything we had was subtle and flavorful. I'd been intending to try it since it opened, but couldn't handle the no-reservations thing. They've been taking reservations for a while now and we finally got around to it. The skate entree was amazing, the ricotta gnocci with ramps and fava beans was (were? is gnocci a plural?) really nice. One caveat: I made the mistake of ordering the cheese appetizer, which was quite good, but one of the cheeses -- a blue cheshire -- was so strong that it made it almost impossible for me to even taste extremely understated gnocci entree until almost the end of the meal. So don't order those two things together. There was a thread about this place recently and not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Check out that thread before you make a decision.

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      Rosewater is actually one of my favorites. My husband and I have been there many times and always been very pleased with our meals.

    2. How about The Minnow on 9th St.? I haven't been yet but the fish is supposed to be very good. I think there have been some postings on it.