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Apr 22, 2002 10:24 PM

Helen's Fabulous Cheesecake on Union St. Carroll Gnds

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Has anyone been to this great place that has the most fantastic cheesecake & scones that I have ever had before ?
This place is PHENONEMAL ! She makes over 12 different cheesecakes ( the pistachio is out-of-this-world ) and some scones I have never seen ( Jalepeno , chorizo & corn ?!!! ) & the sour cherry w/ buttermilk are outrageous .
So as my mouth waters over her scones I see an amazing garden out back with tables and an arched path that is so tranquil - it is like an oasis of relaxation away from the world.
Has anyone had the soup & quiche here ? I saw it but I was too full of cheesecake & scones to eat another bite . I'll definitely make it a priority on my next visit .
So, anyone please tell me if there is anything more to this "jewel" that I may have missed ?

Your Friend in Food,

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  1. I tried the chorizo and corn scone, and loved it! Also, the cranberry and the pear-ginger. All good. The plain cheesecake was wonderful, but I have to say, the praline cheesecake was gross.

    1. Does this place still exist? What is the address?

      1. Gone. Closed at least 2 years ago. it's now Neil Ganick's resurrected Bouillabaisse 126 (at 126 Union St.)

        If you're looking for fabulous cheesecake head over to Monte's Venetian Room on Carroll just east of the Gowanus Canal and ask for a slice.