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Apr 21, 2002 05:47 PM

Looking for Good Italian in Brooklyn for visitors

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Help! Our Italian/American/Canadian inlaws are visting from Toronto soon. We have one chance to impress them with a great, non-pretentious, Italian style restaurant near us in Park Slope. Any suggestions?

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  1. Al-Di-La on Fifth Avenue is your spot. It is a very modest place, that doesn't accept reservations or credit cards as I recall, but the food is great. If you venture as far afield as Brooklyn Heights, go to the Queen - it is even better.

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      Hmm...thanks for the idea. I've been there once; it might be a bit trendy/cool for the older generation. One advantage: we could walk. I was actually thinking more "family" style, maybe in Bay Ridge (SP?) or Bensonhurst if necessary? The Queen I've never tried.

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        What about Tommaso's or Da Tom. - great food and great service. And great for older folks.

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          I agree with Cono in Williamsburg, although for the overall experience for out of town parents, I like Bamonte a little more. It is a special place. In Carroll Gardens, Ferdinand's is even lower key, and inexpensive. I don't find much else exciting about some of the other Carroll Gardens spots, such as Monte's or the place on Court St. that is owned by the Gage and Tollner guys, near Monteleone's bakery whose name escapes me (expensive, pretty good, but nothing exciting)
          Queen is good, but expensive and in my book, nothing that special. If you really want to try something special, venture over the Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City, and eat at Manducattis.

    2. With your mentioning "older generation folks", my suggestion would be New Corner, Bay Ridge, only a short drive away.(NOT trendy)

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        Is Williamsburg too far? Cono's O'Pescatore on Graham Ave. is fantastic and parents-in-town friendly.

        1. I don't know how unpretentious you want to get, but I love to take out-of-towners to Two Toms on Third Ave because they're never going to eat it in a place like this again. It looks more like one of those old neighborhood social clubs than a real restaurant (although it is). No menu -- they tell you what they have -- but the pasta & appetizers are very good and the grilled veal chop excellent. It's cash only. Located across the street from the world-renowned Brooklyn Casket Company.