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Apr 17, 2002 01:58 PM

The Q58 -- the other international express

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I recently discovered a new version of an international express in the Q58 bus line. The Q58 runs from Ridgewood to Flushing. From where I am in Elmhurst, this bus provides the easiest access to Flushing (though the transfer to the 7 isn't so inconvenient either). The bus originates/terminates in Ridgewood (also close to Glendale) where there are plenty of German and Italian places (Zum Stamtich, here I come!). From there, the bus cuts up Fresh Pond Ave through to Maspeth on Grand Ave (past Iavarone's Fresh Meat) and as it approaches Queens Blvd, you can stop at the Indian-Chinese places (Chopsticks, Tangra Masala), and it'll put you a block away from a couple dim sum places (Ping's and Harbor City). And Target is a couple blocks from there. Grand Ave becomes Broadway on the north side of Queens Blvd, and now you're in the vicinity of a decent Chinese market Kam Lun (but even better for the steam table fare during the day), and El Molino argentinian bakery. If you get off at the corner of Broadway and Corona Ave (where the bus makes its turn) then you're a block away from David's Taiwanese and New Kim Tuong and about three blocks from the heart of Elmhurst's "asiatown". As the Q58 makes the turn onto Corona Ave, within minutes, as you approach Junction Blvd, you'll hit a great south american area with an argentinian bakery (I believe the source of Jayask's favorite empanadas), Rincon Criolla (the steakhouse), and the argentine pizzeria, not to mention a few Peruvian places in the vicinity, and a Mexican place (one of the Chinita Poblanas). Then on an empty stretch just past Junction, there's a little italian bakery i hadn't noticed before. A bit further up, if you get off at National St, then you're within a couple blocks of good tacos at La Espiga, and one of the Casa de Pollo Peruanos, among other things. Then the bus weaves it's way up Corona Ave towards the Italian section of 108th. A few pork stores and salumerias and the Lemon Ice King are right there. Then the bus hops on the LIE and onto College Point Ave, passing by a (colombian?) empanada place (near Sanford St), and past the Western Beef market, adjacent to Home Depot, and then towards Main Street. I won't mention all the stuff there, but you get the picture.

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    suzanne camhi

    I guess I need a Metrocard. Sounds like a delightful route.

    1. THANK YOU! I have to say that this is one of the best posts I've seen in months.

      1. The cross-continental synchronicity of this site never fails to amaze me. Eric, meet your chow brother Stan (link below)


        1. c
          Chris Armstrong

          Eric, it's too bad we never met up while I lived in NYC. I too loved the Q58 bus, not only for the international food component (bolivian saltenas on Corona Avenue, and Boureks in Ridgewood on Forest Ave, not too far from Fresh Pond & Myrtle), but also as a scenic, and fairly traffic-free (until Fresh Pond Road) tour through some of my favorite parts of the borough. This bus should be in tourist guide books.


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          1. re: Chris Armstrong

            I wondered what happened to your posts! Where do you live now?

            1. re: Peter Cuce
              Chris Armstrong

              Portland, Oregon.

              Nice change of pace, that's for sure. Pretty good chowhound city, as well, better than I'd expected. Thing is, our standard bar of deliciousness, which in NYC is about a 6 out of 10, is about a 3 over here, meaning that bad food tastes worse in Portland than in NYC.

              Additionally, Oregonians put cream cheese in everything, and consume 5 gallons of commercial teriyaki sauce annually per capita.

              Man, I miss the White Bear dumpling shop in Flushing. And I need a fix of Colombian food, or any kind of rice and beans that isn't yuppie cuban or downhome mexican would hit the spot right about now.


              1. re: Chris Armstrong

                i started looking for your posts on the west coast board after you disappeared but saw nothing until now. sunnyside chowhounds miss you! what are you eating? be in touch.

          2. Nooooo! The bakery (rio de la plata) has the worst empanadas in taht little area. The pizzeria/cafe (w/parillada) is where I get them. :)

            The bakery is where I got those little pastries (w/dulce de leche) that I brought to the chow social.

            El Molino sucks now, btw. They used to be my favorite.

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            1. re: Jayask

              Hey Jayask, thanks for the clarification. I should have searched your posts on these places before I misattributed your favorite food items. That's really too bad about El Molino. Besides a few sweet pastry items and coffee, i haven't explored their offerings much further. I really want to like this place more, especially since it's so convenient for me.

              1. re: Eric Eto

                It is too bad. I grew up on el molino. The pastries just aren't good anymore. You can try sandwiches de miga (ham and cheese sandwiches that come in a pack of 6 and have quality ingredients). Maybe they haven't messed them up.

                You are prolly better off getting on the bus you talked about (or walking) to Rio De La Plata bakery. Its just the empanadas that are bad there. You were at the chow social (right?). I brought pastries from there (w/dulce de leche.)

                Have you tried the pizza con jamon y morones at Don Chicho? (jam and roasted peppers). Make sure to order by the pie. YUM.