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Apr 14, 2002 08:20 PM

Bosnian fast food

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I went to this real small Bosnian fast food place in Ridgewood called Bosna Express. Doesn't look like much from outside, but definitely a good find for something different in the line of fast food/take-out. There's an article in the Voice from last year; the link is below.


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  1. I am having a hard time finding location on a map. I am not familiar with queens but want to go. Could you give me a landmark such as nearest subway stop or exit off BQE? Thanks

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      I think it's the Forest Ave. station on the M line. It stops right there.

      By car, you can take either Metropolitan or Myrtle Ave. to Forest Ave. Map link below.


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        Thanks will check it out

      2. re: Hector
        anonymous bosch

        There's another Bosnian fast food place, I think it's called Sarajevo, on Steinway in Queens. Take the R to the Steinway stop. Never been there, but it looks like the food might be good.