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Apr 12, 2002 03:34 AM

Argentine empanada from peanut vendor

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Since this is my first time eating one, I am not making any arepa lady type claims. If anyone is near the corner of 41st Ave & Baxter (just south of 82nd St merging into Baxter, on the back side of Elmhurst Hosp.) they might want to try the empanada being sold by the guy with the sugar-covered-nuts cart. I go past there infrequently but a couple of weeks ago tried one. Now each time I go past I pick up a couple. So I obviously like them. $1 each. It seems that he has them only on weekends. I posted this message since I realized I was making plans about what I could do that would bring me over that way.

The thin crisp crust is nice. Meat and accompanying fillings are savory and moist but not drippy. So far I can only puzzle how each one has exactly 1 olive in it. Kind of like the prize (includes pit).

If anyone has already or does try it out, I'd like to hear what you think.

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  1. Finally got a chance to check this out. I am no empanada expert. but i am trying to be. These were pretty good. better than the bakery at junction/corona. great for a quick snack,but i wouldn't make too much of a special trip..

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      Glad to hear that someone else checked it out. You are right. It is nothing to make a special long trip for, but if you are in the area (only seen it happening on Sat & Sun and last Saturday they ran out at about 4:30pm), better than most other snacks or quick light meals. A good thing, perhaps, to have before or after going to a matinee at the Jackson Heights 82nd st theater.

      BTW: the last one I had they used pitted olive. Me, I miss the pit and the little touch of extra flavor I think it brings to cook with olives pit in.