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Mar 31, 2002 07:00 PM

punjabi kabab house in queens

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yesterday afternoon i drove to my favorite vietnamese restaurant(pho, 34th & prince)in flushing only to be greeted by a massive traffic jam. after not being able to find parking, i started driving back home, got lost and ended up way out in richmond hill, queens.

as i was trying to find my way home i stumbled upon an indian neighborhood and decided to stop and eat. i walked in to punjabi kabab house (91-52 lefferts blvd & atlantic), sat down and had the most delicious indian food i've ever had.

i must say that i'm not a very big fan of indian food. however, for the first time i was able to really taste and notice the different spices and herbs in the food- it tasted so fresh and clean. they have a buffet lunch for only $4.99! w/ nan. & on weekends they splurge and offer a wider selection for the same price.i had goat curry, chicken makhni, tandoori, among other very good vegetarian dishes. i must say again that the food was amazingly FRESH!

the atmosphere is very authentic. i was the only non-indian among families, and the young & old.

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  1. I've mentioned Punjabi Kebab House on here a number of times. In my opinion, it's at least equal to, if not better than, any Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights or anywhere else in the city. It's also priced at about 50% of most other restaurants. With the way some places go downhill once they gain in popularity, I kind of feel I shouldn't spread the word for fear of ruining a good thing. But that would be selfish of me.

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      i whole-heartedly agree with you. since it is a trek from brooklyn, next time i go i'll have to bring home some entrees ($6!). they really have their curries and sauces down.

      ps- luckily punjabi kabab house is far enough to keep it from becoming a casualty.

    2. Any recent info or updated reviews on this place?

      I'll be working in the 'hood and need solid vegetarian lunch options that I can get to on foot (I'll hoof it to Liberty Ave. in warmer weather for the likes of Veggie Castle II, but in the meantime, I'm hoping to find decent fare closer to the Myrtle/Jamaica/Lefferts intersection).

      Thanks all in advance!

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        Check out Punjab Restaurant and Sweets on Jamaica. There's a pretty good thread on places in the area from less than a year ago.