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Mar 25, 2002 03:51 PM

post-wedding reception spots

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My fiance and I are starting to plan a pretty informal wedding for next summer, and are trying to think of a great Brooklyn spot to use for a reception. We are thinking about getting married in Prospect Park, and then taking everybody (maybe 50 people) somewhere nearby. Any suggestions for a place near the waterfront / park slope / boerum hill etc.? River Cafe is obvious but out, as our budget is modest. It would have to be a place that serves liquor and some food (but not necessarily a sit-down dinner,) and of course be open to the idea of us renting it for the afternoon. Good food a must. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. c

    Have you considered the Prospect Park Picnic House? I tried to find the link to the site I remember from planning my wedding (we wound up at the Staten Island Botanical Gardens), but here's the phone number for info on renting the picnic house.

    (718) 965-7777

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      (DISCLOSURE: I work in Prospect Park and know the people who run the Picnic House.)

      The Picnic House is a great place for a wedding, but if you want food there it has to be catered. I think he's looking for a restaurant to go to after the wedding. If you're interested in a caterer, I'd call that number you gave and ask them. There are some caterers who specialize in Picnic House events.

    2. j

      I got married in Prospect Park last August (at the Vale of Kashmir --beautiful and only costs $25 for the park-use permit) and had the reception at the Ethical Culture Society which is right on Prospect Park West. It was a very casual reception with a buffet dinner--we used Dizzy's Kitchen and they were very reasonable and the food was good. I stress that our reception was very casual with summer picnic fare (grilled chicken, pasta salad, salmon etc.) The Ethical Culture Society is great for a reception in the summer because of their beautiful garden. The only problem with them is they are seriously unorganized--they lost their copy of our contract and it took them almost four months to return out security deposit for no other reason than gross incompetence on their part.