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Mar 23, 2002 08:28 AM

Late Lunch in Long Island City?

  • j

I am going to P.S. 1 tomorrow to see the African Liberation exhibit there. Does anyone have any recommendations for a late lunch/early dinner place in the area of 46th Ave and Jackson Ave?

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  1. Probably all more an early dinner, not sure who is open for lunch.

    Manducatis at Jackson & 47 Ave
    Jackson Steakhouse Jackson & 47 Road
    Manetta's Jackson and 49th

    A new french restaunt (can't remember the name) opened on Vernon between 50 & 51 (I heard good reports)

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      There is also LaVuelta (sp?) on 44th Drive between 11th Street & Vernon Boulevard

      1. re: cp

        The name of the French restaurant is Tournesol. It is open for lunch and dinner, but not continuously.

        It is terrific. Try it while you can still get a table.