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Mar 22, 2002 03:58 PM

King Umberto in Elmont -Long Island

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Hi ,
I have going to King Umberto's for years . But in the last couple of years the food & the service have really stood out .
Everything has been out standing from the fresh bread on the table as soon as we sit down .
The salad that is included with the meal .
The fact that as soon as I am finished my glass of water someone is there right away to fill it up .
( i like the little things )
They always seem to be taking a picture of people celebrating some occation & give you a framed picture.
give it a try

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    1. My recs at the King:the Seafood Platter(Fra Diavlo),Baked Clams,Fried Capellini and the Stuffed Veal Chop.King Umberto is what most Italian restaurants aspire to be.