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Mar 19, 2002 11:26 AM

QUEEN in Carroll Gardens

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I remember people used to rave about this place, but did a few searches and came up with very little . . .

what's the scoop???

is there a full bar?



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  1. Actually, Queen is technically in Brooklyn Heights, on Court Street.

    I am surprised you didn't find much on this site, perhaps a different search will yield more results for you. In any event, Queen has exceptional Italian food, particularly from the daily specials side of the menu (which is as extensive as many places' regular menus). I think many of the regular items are excellent as well, although there was a thread here recently where a few people differed. It's a family business, with the two brothers being the chefs, and they take great care in cooking and using top quality ingredients. The homemade pasta and mozzarella and the excellent bread baskets are merely the tip of the iceberg.

    There is a seemingly well-stocked bar with just a few chairs.

    Sometimes the wait staff can be grumpy, but usually they are pretty good and give good recommendations.

    For me, it's the number one place in the neighborhood for taking guests from Manhattan. I have one friend from the Upper East Side who insists we eat there everytime he comes to visit.

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      OK, here's the scoop: at Queen I have had two utterly wonderful meals at an absolute steal for the price. However, whenever I bring anybody else to the place, the justly hate it as they get something mediocre. So here' my advice, it's not foolproof, but it may work:

      Only order from the "Specials" side of the menu.

      Get a salad. All their salads are wonderful. Better yet, dine on a salad plus one or two appetizers. The chicken livers are great, the pasta appetizers are always lovely, and the vegetable and cheese based ones are always fresh and inventive.

      If they have the super stuffed ravioletti, get it. I've had it stuffed with duck and once with lamb and artichoke, and both times it was superb. I am dying to try the "candy wrapper" pasta, too, but it's never been on the menu when I've gone.

      Don't get grilled fish or meat. It may be dry or just wrong.

      Do get the Panna Cotta. It is the best I've ever had.

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      search under "queen pizza"- i tried searching under "queen" and came up with every Pie Queen post and post about Queens. People were discussing Queen (the good, the bad and the ugly) with the "Queen Pizza" part and you should shoot straight there on a search. I'd link you, but it's in the middle of a post about pizza and I don't want to direct the start of your reading.