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Mar 17, 2002 02:42 AM

Great doughnuts in Green Point

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I don't know if anybody mentioned about this place(I did search,but didn't get the result),but this place deserves to be known as a great doughnut place.
Muffin Doughnuts Coffee (727 Manhattan Ave bet Meserole & Noman 718-389-3676 G to Nassau Av)
Everything is freshly homemade,very old fashioned,don't expect like Doughnuts Plant.If you like Alpha doughnuts,Donut 23rd & 8 ave,Doughnuts bar 14th & 7 ave,the place(forgot the name)on Lex & 86th,this is the place you want to go.The chocolate glazed and the old fashioned are the best in here.The chocolate glazed looks different from the other shop's one,very dark colored and really plumped and fat looking.The old fashioned is properly moist and has a nice flavor.Yes,this place is good at the cakey side.The other things are pretty good in the old school way,looks very sweet&fat!!A huge slab of eclair and a big cream sandwhiched french cruller with an extra big cream on the top are waiting for you!
Go in the morning or early afternoon.

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