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Mar 16, 2002 12:25 AM

Chinese food as known in India - Tangra Masala

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I can recommend Tangra Masala -- a Chinese Indian restaurant on 87-09 Grand Ave (at Queens Blvd). No it's not really fusion Chinese / Indian, but Chinese food as they serve it in India. Excellent tangra masala chicken (like chili chicken, popular on some Queens Indian menus, e.g. jackson diner), and "manchurian" shrimp. Both dishes were unlike most Cantonese, Sichuan, or Fukien style Chinese food in NYC (let alone Chinese American style). Nearly all South Asian clientele, Chinese waiters, and great prices. BYOB. Anyone else been to this place? It's been open 4 months.

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  1. all cuisines lead to queens!

    congratulations on what should be a memorable find. this restuarant will be on my must-go-to list when i get to nyc next.

    hey do you know if they have things like hakka noodles and chop suey?

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    1. re: howler

      Yes they had both on the menu but I didn't try either of them. What they didn't have was tea (Chinese or masala).

      1. re: hiro

        We tried it once and are looking forward
        to a return trip. The owners are Chinese and
        their family emigrated to India aout 100 years
        ago. Lucky for us, they emigrated again!

    2. I've been eager to find such a "Hakka-style" restaurant in NYC since seeing so many of them in Toronto last year.

      So chilli chicken is originally a Chinese dish? Interesting. I didn't know that. Is it simply an Indian General Tzo's (General Tzobinder's, lol) chicken?

      1. A big thumbs up on Tangra Masala. I liked the tangra masala chicken, but the real standout was an amazingly tender and delicious Manchurian goat.

        Our extremely friendly waiter recommended we try the pakoras, the chili chicken, and the fish in black bean sauce next time.