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Mar 7, 2002 09:25 PM

Anyone been to "Chips" in Sunnyside?

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It's a new Mexican restaurant.

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  1. I walked by it last night, but haven't been in yet. It used to be Lupitas, my favorite local taqueria. Now it looks all yuppified. And I hate the name. Still, worth a look.

    1. Saw the sign and RAN across the street--I thought it would be a chip shop! The inside looks a little like Taco Fiesta --a plus--but the menu flyer had pretty ordinary dishes and melty cheese, which made me wary. Got to try it sometime.

      1. Can you post the address?

        1. It's just OK - rotisserie chicken mainly, small birds, with some lackluster sides, at least the ones I'd had. The upside is that they deliver & are cheap.
          I'm still looking for decent fried chicken in or near Sunnyside, there's a niche, in fact a major niche, that no one is providing AFAIK.

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            There's a place called Coco Fried Chicken right below the 52nd St. stop of the number 7 train. Every time I've been in there, the chicken has been quite good, fresh (and very cheap). Recent postings have raved about their fried fish, too. They're right across the street from La Flor...

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              Didn't someone post that the new chicken place across from La Flor in Woodside is good? Don't remember which board it was though.

            2. j
              John Schoneboom

              I've been there, I've been there! I read the reply about "mostly fried chicken" and I think maybe this person is thinking of someplace else? Chips is like semi-posh Mexican, a very nice, very comfortable place, and I like it alot. The owner/manager guy who is always there is very friendly and I like the "cut of his jib."

              The food is good and seems fresh and healthy.

              This is a great place to go with somebody and sit down with your Mexican food. If you just want a great burrito to go, however, I think you can't beat the nearby Sunnyside Fresh Taco on Greenpoint Ave across from the little park, between 42nd and 43rd. It's run by Chinese guys. What they may lack in Mexican authenticity they make up for in *great* food. You might not think it to look at the place, but it's fantastic. Try the spinach burrito. It's huge, and amazingly delicious.