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Mar 5, 2002 05:43 PM

Lard Bread/ Prosciutto Bread in Queens

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I know you have a thread about prosciutto bread but that is in Brooklyn. I am looking for good prosciutto bread in Queens can any chowhounds please help me on this.Thank You

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  1. not in queens, but on arthur ave bronx, madonnia brothers bakery does it. across the street from domminick's restaurant ciao

    1. I've purchased proscuitto bread on Queens at the bakery on Ditmars Blvd. and 45th Street. I don't remember the name of the bakery, I'm not sure I ever knew it.

      They also make olive bread.

      1. In Whitestone there's a good fruit & vegie place with an Italian deli and grocery. They usually carry prosciutto bread, but I have no idea where it's actually baked. Still fresh though.

        Strawberry Farms @ 150 St & 24 Ave/Willets Point Blvd.

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          the strawberry farms proscuitto bread is made in house er homemade as it says, i am going to go over now and get a piece..brb with review and pic

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            ok...went to strawberry farm AND Pane d Italia

            strawberry farm advertises 3.99 homemade proscuitto they said to me they did not get any in on todays delivery, try tommorow

            Pane d Italia $6 a small loaf, only available thurs-fri-sat-sun

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          david sprague

          while i haven't been there all that often since moving out of astoria a few years back, Island Bakery, on Broadway around 43rd street, did a really good lard bread on Saturdays only. I'd usually tear into the loaf seconds after leaving the place, to get the most out of the warm gooiness....

          1. In addition to the aforementioned Island Bakery, try D&F Deli on Broadway tween 35th and 36th Sts. They make a delish lard bread.