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Where's a good bar that serves food?

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My husband's co-workers want to have an informal farewell party for him (quitting his job). Nothing elaborate, about 20 guys and maybe 2 women. He asked me to recommend a place for them to go in Brooklyn. Priorities-liquor and decent bar food. Near public transportation would also be helpful. I am not a bar person, so I would appreciate any help here.


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  1. Pete's Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights. Great food, fantastic beer.

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    1. re: DeeDee

      Agreed, I love Pete's.

      1. re: michaelA
        Edward Aretz

        I love this place too. But I like the food in their Manhattan location on 2nd Ave arround 30th Street better.

        For a real treat try a bottle of their Bluebird Bitter. Great!!!

        1. re: michaelA

          Thanks. I will pass the info on. I think we will either opt for Skinflint's or Pete's.


        2. re: DeeDee

          Do you know the cross street of Pete's?


          1. re: Denise
            Marion Morgenthal

            It's between Clinton and Henry on the Brooklyn Heights (north)side of Atlantic

        3. It may be a trek, depending on where you're coming from, but it has good booze and decent bar food. The nearest train stop is 77th Street on the R train. Otherwise, I agree with Pete's.

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          1. re: Brooklyn Boy

            I like Skinflint's a lot. Although, I live in Bay Ridge, so it's not so much of a trek for me.

            I love their burgers there. Get one with blue cheese. Wash it down with some Guinness.

            If today wasn't a Friday in Lent, I'd go tonight!

          2. m
            Marion Morgenthal

            200 Fifth--right off Union Street. 1 Block from N, M & R trains, and not too far from 7th avenue and Q trains.

            Good bar, decent bar food, pleasant owners.

            1. Hanley's on Court St. in Carroll Gardens is a good bar that serves food and is big enough to accommodate your husband's party easily. (Sorry but I don't know the cross street or the nearest subway line.) The menu is pretty basic, the burgers are delicious, they have daily specials, and the prices are very reasonable.

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                PJ Hanley's is on Court and 2nd Place I think. Nearest stop Carroll Street on the F and G.

                I love that place, good food, good atmosphere. And they have cider on draft.

              2. i kinda like Skinflints on 5th avenue around 81st or 82nd sts. Its got a nice bar just as you walk, dark and plenty of seating. Their menu isnt bad. Its a nice blue collar place. Thumbs up

                1. Henry St. Ale House on Henry between Orange and Cranberry, half a block from the A and C, 2 blocks from the 2 and 3, and close to almost every other subway line, has unbelievable burgers and tremendous beers. You won't drop more than $40 in a night.

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                  1. re: Hilltop

                    The OP's party took place five years ago, in March 2002. So you have to recommend places that were around 5 years ago. And somehow go back in time and tell her about them. Henry St Ale House is pretty new, as I recall. It's near that movie theater. I'd recommend Teddy's in Williamsburg. Five years ago it was pretty good. It's a hundred year old bar with much of the original decor intact, near the L train.

                  2. And since the original posting, P.J. Hanley's has changed hands. Don't know if the burgers are still recommendable or not but Nonna's meatballs are.