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Feb 27, 2002 03:08 PM

"Morir Sonando" in downtown williamsburgh

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some places in my book seemed to get chowhound attention, some didn't. I've never heard a WORD about this great place. You are all depriving yourselves needlessly. Here's an excerpt:

Reben Lunch
229 Havemire (near Broadway), Brooklyn
No phone

Morir Soñando ("to die while dreaming") is a Cuban soft drink made from orange juice (here fresh squeezed), carrot juice (likewise), and milk. This place also squirts nearly homeopathic quantities of a secret syrup (which I suspect to be mora, or blackberry) into the mix, and the result can be described as a post-doctorate Orange Julius. The older, shorter man with the round face and sly smile makes them best; in his masterful hands, flavors combine with laser-like focus and the result is cosmic: a drink with the balance and length of a fine wine. Alas, the matador often mans the grill, leaving others to mix merely superb drinks. In any case, you'll be offered a small preliminary taste for your approval--the sign outside says "You don't like? You don't pay!" You'll like. You'll pay.

You'll find morir soñando in many Latino cafes, but Reben's version will spoil you for all others. Get there before their early closing time, so you won't have to die while weeping.

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  1. d

    Grrrr. You're making me cross the great divide from my unfashionable east-of-Broadway digs.

    Is there other stuff to eat there? Anything recommended?

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      Nothing but charming, under-priced Latin-tinged American coffeeshop food. Good for eggs. Pretty good hashbrowns. Not really for eating. Walk under the el, you'll find lots of "real" food. I love the cuchifritos place on north side right near the subway

      the morir sonandos are a work of art (when made by the master...the others just make them superbly). I once made a fancy wine collector drink one and defied him to tell me that 1959 Ch. Margeaux is an intrinsically more beautiful experience.