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Great heros at Cono's (williamsburgh)

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I never hear people talking about this, though I mentioned it in my book. cono's, in williamsburg, is a good neapolitan fish restaurant, very old fashioned (so old fashioned that you can't easily find this style of cooking in naples anymore!). I recommend it.

but there's a takeout window at the rear selling INCREDIBLE hot heros. Really wonderful. And you can watch the action in their amazing, bustling, gleaming kitchen while you wait (pick up cooking tricks!)

Cono & Sons O'Pescatore Restaurant
301 Graham Avenue (near Ainslie Street), Williamsburgh, Brooklyn
(718) 388-0168

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  1. Hi Chowhounds,
    You have to try the seafood fra diablo
    Hope i spelled it right.Its just another Willamsburg
    jem.The Cono,s also own a deli/Take out on Graham Ave
    On the corner of Manhattan that has great heroes and
    take out food.Another great old school italian place is Frost.Bamontes gets all the press but both of these places serve up great food and most of the time you can walk in without reservations.


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      Sheesh. As if it isn't enough that the restaurant is in the chow guide, now you're going to hook people off the Bedford drag and send them to my favorite neighborhood place. But seriously, this place makes red sauce that bears no resemblance to the red sauce you get elsewhere (mercifully), serves wonderfully fresh fish, and has amazing take-out heroes, and servers in (what more can you ask for?) tuxes.

    2. Do they have space for eating inside the restaurant at the take-out section of Cono and Sons O'Pescatore?

        1. they make great heros esp when you add brocoli rabe. the best time to eat at the restaurant is on tues night when the entire wine list is half price!

          1. Do they serve the heroes in the restaurant as well?

            1. Interesting to see this subject reappear from 4 years ago. Back when I used to live in this neighborhood.

              I believe that the heros are only for takeout at the side window on Ainsle St. (no seats or tables). I've had the carryout heros more often, but I've also eaten in the restaurant and have never seen anyone eating the heros in there. The restaurant is considerably more formal, and expensive, than the hero operation would suggest, although the food comes from the same kitchen.

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                I mentioned what Jim said in another thread two days ago. But I've never tried the heroes. It's the wonderful red sauces dishes in the restaurant that I go for. That's why I wrote, "Jim Leff wrote that Cono & Sons O'Pescatore was just about the best of its type in NYC, so old-school authentic that they use Neapolitan techniques that are hard to find even in Naples." They do wonders with tomatoes; every red sauce is different. The takeout counter has a separate entrance, as you say.

              2. Well - as mentioned - it is just a carry-out window on the Ainsley side of Cono and Son O'Pescatore. The menu can be found here:


                There were two nightly specials last night - a zucchini omelet hero and a sausage burgundy hero. My wife and I had the chicken parmigiana and veal parmigiana heroes. I have to say that they were pretty spot on - the bread was nice and, for a lack of a better descriptor, a bit flaky. The meat was lean, pounded flat, fried well, and the red sauce - though nothing like my wife's Sicilian-American red sauce - was very tasty. I wouldn't say that it's the best I've ever had, but I'd say it's certainly among the best.

                Note - there is a S. Cono Pizzeria across the street - this is NOT the take-away area - follow the signs on the building on the south side of Ainsley for the take-away window.

                We took our heroes to Barcade and enjoyed them with the Middle Ages 11th Anniversary. (Of course wine would work much better, but heroes, beer, and Q-Bert are a winning combination on a different level.)

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                  Everyone in that neighborhood has ancestors from the tiny town of Teggiano, and the patron saint is Cono, so there are 5 restaurants named Cono or owned by someone named Cono. I've never been to that pizzeria though Sietsema once wrote they had very good pasta.

                  Around this time of year is the Giglio festival a few blocks west. It is an incredible sight -- a hundred guys carry a five-story tower -- and there are some unique food stalls around.I just checked... the festival starts TODAY!!! They carry the tower on Sunday July 9, 2006.

                2. Cono is one of the best things going. Take out the lasagna, it is the best value vs. taste in town!! Amazing light, hundreds of layers of thin, perfectly cooked sheets of pasta. Just a wonderful dish considering the portion size/price. I love the meatball hot hero. Just come early, b/c sometimes they run out of the lasagne!